Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ground Up~Bridges between... reminder

Jeremiah is sponsoring the From the Ground Up challenge at My World in Pictures.
The next scheduled Bridges between... meme posting date is Monday. Visit RuneE to see what that's all about. (Don't read Norwegian? Don't worry, he has the English version just below it.)

Photo Hunt--Theme: Picture of Yourself

See TnChick to join Photo Hunters and see who's Pictures of Themselves are up today.

So here I am with my brother and sister. The theme didn't say it had to be a recent photo.

Which one do you think is me?
Okay, lots have guessed one way or the other.
I'll fess up. I'm the baby of the family.

Friday, May 30, 2008

From the Ground Up--Hop Update

The twine is up in the new hopyard across the road.

Check out From the Ground Up at My Life in Pictures.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

From the Floor Up

I thought I would give you a tour of where I work. In keeping with Jeremiah's From the Ground up, all these photos were taken from the floor.
To start, here is my desk. It is old because it is an old school building. I am the school librarian. These days, the librarian is often called the library media specialist. In an old building, you can still be the librarian.
This is one of the most popular areas in the stacks. At the top are the 796s--sports. Near the bottom is poetry at 811 and 821. On the very bottom shelf are most of the joke books at 818.

This shelf of fiction is also popular. You may see why on the bottom shelf. I notice I need to remove some old shelf labeling, as the oversized books are no longer kept on that shelf.

In many ways we are very up-to-date, but we still have a card catalog instead of the OPAC (Online Patron Access Catalog). I teach my students how to use both, because a catalog is a catalog!

I did have a floor up picture of my file cabinet, but I accidentally deleted it, and it is pretty ugly anyway.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

From the Ground Up

Jeremiah at My World in Pictures is on his fourth day of a series From the Ground Up.

Hiking in the Old Growth Forest was a perfect place for looking up.

ABC Wednesday--S

Mrs. Nesbitt is the hostess
of ABC Wednesday.
You can visit her here to
find all the participants.
Showy Sedge adorns the meadows at Paradise and Sunrise.

Sword Fern is common in the forests.

We spotted a couple of areas of Skunk Cabbage this past weekend as we camped at Ohanapecosh. Skunk Cabbage blooms in the spring in boggy places in the lower elelvations. The bloom is protected by a yellow bract. The leaves eventually grow to about four feet long. You need little imagination to guess the reason for its name.

Shadow Lake


July--This must have been late July, as we shoveled snow from the bridge near Shadow Lake last July 4th..


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Twofer Tuesday

As I went walking I came upon this

...and this

It was one of those walks to town I do to keep fit, to get in shape, to lose weight (which isn't happening), and to be ready in September when I walk 60 miles in 3 days for Breast Cancer research and awareness.
Not too much farther along I happened upon this...

...which left me wondering if somewhere along the way the result might end up being something like this.

Jonna started doing Twofers on Tuesdays. A pair of photos. Or photos in pairs. If you visit her you can see who else is playing.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Odd Shots Monday: UFO?

Odd Shots is hosted here. Click the logo in the sidebar for details. Comment here so everyone knows you are participating this week. I edit the blogroll regularly, adding new players and deleting those we haven't seen around for a while.

It's a bird.

It's a plane.


...a maple seed that remained stuck to the windshield all the way home.
(I was at stoplights for these photos.)
Be sure to look at the post below for a glimpse of our camping trip this weekend.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Camping in our Little Guy Trailer

It was awesome. And will be even awesomer when we get our routine tweaked. (Here is the trailer.)

I took 228 photos this weekend.

Watch this space.

I have to go look at them myself first.
Okay, I'm back. I absolutely had to throw away 12 that made my eyes cross, and one belonged in a different file. Two are videos I will figure out how to view eventually and post sometime when I have figured that out, too. You don't get all 215 because not all of them are all that good anyway, and some I will save for special circumstances. You just get to see some of what we saw.
There was a lot of this...

...and this.

We saw these...

...and we found the woodpecker buffet.

And at the end of the day...

When we were back from our hike on the Silver Falls loop trail, people asked us how long a hike it is in time. After telling how long it took us, I pointed out that we are slow hikers. Hubby said, "She stops a lot to take pictures."

Camera Critters

Here's where to get the Camera Critters details and sign in your critters.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Photo Hunt--Theme: Shoes

Drop in at TnChick's place to learn all about Photo
Hunt and find other Photo Hunt participants.
Graduation Shoes
"They are really cute. But can you walk in them?"
"What do you mean can I walk in them?
Of course, I can walk in them.
They are only four inches high."

"Well, they look pretty high to me.

I don't know if I am going to make it down
the aisle to pick up my diploma in these.
I'm not putting them on till I have to"

"Don't worry about it. If you fall maybe HE will catch you."


Thursday, May 22, 2008

..goes where it's told to...

This came home yesterday...

...and it says it will do this... it will go there tomorrow.

More after the weekend.

(Photo Hunt, Camera Critters, and Odd Shots will appear on schedule. Remember, it's magic.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Okay so maybe...

My printer has been giving me grief--pulls the paper through only on one side and so misfeeds and can't print.

Okay, so it's one of those cheap ones that sometimes it's cheaper to get a new printer than to buy ink for it, but hey--sometimes that's where you gotta go. In fact, I just a couple of weeks ago invested my nest-egg in ink cartridges, as it's been telling me for three months that the ink supply is low. The first actual evidence that that was true was some websites that I printed out that were, to say the least, funny streaky nowhere near true colors.

But it hasn't gone completely blank yet, so the new cartridges are still in the bag with the receipt, and I should have no problem returning them.

So I am going to have to go either get another cheap printer, or actually cough up the dough for a good one that will last a while (if that's even remotely possible for one to last a while for me) and be considerably more environmentally friendly as I wouldn't have so many old cheap ones to discard.

So in today's e-mail is a coupon for my favorite office supply store for $10 on a $50 purchase (I used the last one that came on the ink cartridges!!) Excellent! I'll just print that off and have it handy when I go to town.

What is wrong with that statement?

I'll just print it off...


ABC Wednesday--R

Check over at Mrs. Nesbitt's for
ABC Wednesday details, a list of
participants, and a place to sign up.

R is for Mt. Rainier National Park

If you hadn't noticed that I love this place, well, then you are definitely a new visitor to my blog.


R is for this rainbow we saw one spring over Stevens Canyon. The road from Ohanepecosh to Paradise goes through Stevens Canyon. That bit to the left is known as Backbone Ridge.

R is for Park Rangers, represented here by a ranger's badge of office. I have a great respect for these wonderful men and women who bring such a variety of talents to work in the parks. They work to protect the park and to insure that its visitors have an outstanding experience of all its wonders. Their responsibilities range from administration to interpretation to education to law enforcement.

And then, of course, there's Mount Ranier iteslf.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Twofer Tuesday--Asparagus

In the pan...

In the field...

Jonna is the one who thought up Twofer Tuesday. Two photos that are related--or photos in pairs--explain if necessary. You can visit her here.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Odd Shots Monday--Twin Trees

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I've been having some technical difficulties, so if I don't comment on your Odd Shot, know that I was probably there to visit and got frozen out of the comments. I think I've got it fixed, but I'm way behind, so forgive me.
These trees seem like they ought to be twins, but

it looks like someone gave one of them a haircut.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's fixed!

I removed my Arrrgh! post, in case you saw it and wondered where it went.

Every attempt at commenting was closing down my browser. I had to open again, and many times tried rebooting. It took me most of Sunday to get it straightened out. Spyware! Curses!

Needless to say, I did only a bit of visiting and very little commenting on Sunday afternoon.

I may get back to everyone. Or I may not. Forgive me.

Updating the update

Well, perhaps I was premature in posting my hop update early this morning. When I went out the door to walk to church*, this is what I found across the road. You can barely see a portion of the planting crew in this photo.
Further along the way I stopped to get a picture of a hop plant itself, as I am sure there are many (read most) who have no idea what they might look like.
Looking to the sky through the trellises you can see the strings up in that portion. Just wait till August when I can describe and show the harvest and the role these strings play then.

One more factoid I heard regarding this huge planting of hops in the valley is that the investment will have been recouped by the third year. (Think many acres and acres of land, hundreds of poles per acre for all of it that was previously in some other crop, wire, string, plants, equipment much of which is specialized, and the labor to install it all.)
*Walking to church on Sunday morning and on my days off is part of my training regimen for the 3-Day Walk. The distance is perfect, and even now, it is vital to get the walking done before the day heats up as the heat has finally come. I think we may have skipped spring weather and gone right to summer. DH is headed to the shed to pick up our window air conditioner now.