Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hop update

Here is what's happening in the new hopyard down the road.

Compared to the established yard across the road from it.

In the yard across our road from us and those behind us they have not yet planted.
Things I've learned by listening:
  • It takes a couple of years to get a decent crop.
  • One of the big breweries contracted with this hop grower to plant as many acres of hops as he can. He has bought out acres and acres from farmers growing other crops and hop farmers ready to retire.
  • Hop poles cost $32.
  • Hops can grow a foot a day during the summer.
  • Hop roots go very deep. That is why they survive our cold winters.
  • Hops grow only in a narrow band between certain latitudes.
  • In the years that one friend has been in real estate, he has never seen vineyards pulled out and not replaced by new grapevines. I guess I haven't either, but I just didn't notice it as he did.


In addition to allergy issues when the hops are in certain stages, we have this:


Daryl said...

Lovely.. NOT .. I wonder if once they 'get' going things will be less dusty ..


Paulie said...

That would not be great with my allergies. I bet you can't even hang out wash!