Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Lots of places I could look for pink images. Pink flowers, the pinkish walls of the Grand Canyon, the color pink when I did the 3 Day walk for Breast Cancer four years in a row.

I decided to go for pink on the mountain.

The mountain at sunset.
Pink Mountain Heather
Magenta Paintbush

The delicate Calypso orchid is about six inches high and can be found in the spring on the forest floor.

More pink light

Subtle Sunsets

Our headbanger theme is pink. The others can be found in their links on my sidebar.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yikes! It's Wednesday.

Our theme is "Is Spring finally Here?"

I'm late.

It was  spring when we visited Arizona last year--well, one of the visits.

It was the first time we had visited when the desert was in bloom.

Where did the other headbangers find spring? Their links are in my sidebar.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Found Object

Whatever was I thinking when I proposed the theme of "Found Object" for our Header Challenge?

I added it to the list several weeks ago. We usually have something in mind when we think of a theme idea. Something must have suggested it. However, in undoubtedly a serious series of senior moments, I remain clueless.

So I set about finding a found object in the last year's image files. After rejecting a few, I came up with these possibilities.

We found this handrail covered with leaves when we hiked in the fall.

Karen saw a shadow through the restroom window. When she looked outside, she found this.
We found this window display to be--well--unique.
Benjie found this rock on the beach. I put it in my pocket. I still have it there.
I think this duck found something blue.
And look! Sasha found  a snail at the lake.
I hope that my Headbanger friends found some interesting things this week.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Dumas Bay

Gotta love a duck. x3, at sunset

mountains not visible in this one.


bald eagle

Olympics were visible or not through the week.

Low Tide

city over there


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pictures from the Past

Lew proposed the theme Pictures from the Past. He was thinking back to film days. I was thinking even farther. (I do admit that I did not personally take any of these pictures...

especially this one. --that cutie on the left is me.

This is a favorite picture from my Dad's albums. I had always thought it was of him, but it is a friend taken by him.

This, on the other hand, was my Dad.

another favorite.

The gent in the tartan tie was my father-in-law, taken in front of his business establishment, which was an ice cream parlor when the cops were looking, a speakeasy when they were not.

I don't know who is in this car in front of my husband's grandfather's business.

Pictures from the past.

I don't know if the other headbangers will have gone this far back. I may be disqualified by not using my own photos. See what they have come up with from the links in my sidebar.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Starts with a "C"

I didn't have to go far to find some things that start with C for our header challenge this week. Our trip to Arizona a couple of weeks ago yielded quite a few, and as I had not been thinking about it till I saw Fishing Guy mention it on Facebook, I was glad I had a reminder. As I am the furthest west of the group and when I do not post ahead of time am usually offered a reminder when some of those east of me post, I am either the first or the last to post.

Then totally forgot again after some stress this morning.

So I was glad to find these possibilities and more in that recent file.

Starting with a CHICKEN with a bad hair day.

LOL--that chick was sooooooo funny,

Maybe not a funny looking as the javelina, but the javelina does not start with a C.

Some more from Bearizona--first, some actual CATS:
 Bobcats, that is. A lot of the animals at Bearizona started with B--bears, buffalo, bobcats, big horn sheep. The foxes start with F but here they are CAVORTING around the COMPOUND.

We took in a spring training game while we were in the Phoenix area, so here is the CATCHER actually catching..

I have always said that it would be a lot shorter trip between Washington and Arizona if it weren't for that big hole in the ground.

So this time we went along it rather than totally around it--well, we went along it in order to go around it. The Grand CANYON.
 Here are some folks down in the Canyon enjoying the COLORADO River close up. The raft trip is a two week trip. The other options are to raft to this point and hike up to the rim--one week. Or hike down to the river and meet the group there and take the second half of the trip.
I wish I could have done that some time.

So what will I choose for my header? One of these or something totally different that comes to mind when I finish? What will the other headbangers do? We can find out by following the links in my sidebar.