Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Found Object

Whatever was I thinking when I proposed the theme of "Found Object" for our Header Challenge?

I added it to the list several weeks ago. We usually have something in mind when we think of a theme idea. Something must have suggested it. However, in undoubtedly a serious series of senior moments, I remain clueless.

So I set about finding a found object in the last year's image files. After rejecting a few, I came up with these possibilities.

We found this handrail covered with leaves when we hiked in the fall.

Karen saw a shadow through the restroom window. When she looked outside, she found this.
We found this window display to be--well--unique.
Benjie found this rock on the beach. I put it in my pocket. I still have it there.
I think this duck found something blue.
And look! Sasha found  a snail at the lake.
I hope that my Headbanger friends found some interesting things this week.


imac said...

I know just what you mean Kathy, few weeks is a long time for memory, but as time goes, it flies.

Great finds you have MDF. Love the snail and bones,lol.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Cool finds Kathy, little ones are so much fun.

Lew said...

The kids find interesting things where ever they go! Nicely done!

Christine said...

Love your header; what a great perspective with the hand right out there in front. I've done that with choosing header themes--what was I thinking when I chose X???

Liz Hinds said...

What sort of shop from that window display from, for goodness sake?

Katney said...

Something very mundane, Liz, like maybe a real estate office or something--I don't really recall. But it is a statement that THIS. IS. THE. OLD. WEST! The town is known for its rodeo each year and its annual sale of Western art.