Thursday, May 26, 2016

Little Critters

I have chosen some of the littlest of critters to share for our header theme of Little Critters.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Our headbanger theme this week is water, proposed by Tom.

For some reason, when I go looking for my best water images in my photo files I go to the desert.
Our daughter's pool

Cormorants at Veterans Oasis Park

Strange creatures live in the water--this tank is at one of the museums--I forget which

I think maybe the reflections are what strikes me when I see wildlife in the waters in parks in Arizona.

Of course, we have plenty of water in the Northwest as well (it's what turns our own deserts to parklands and farmlands.)

Including fantastic waterfalls such as Palouse Falls (in the midst of the desert.)

The other headbangers are linked in my sidebar.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016



I proposed the theme of memory, having no idea what I or any of my headbanger friends might do with it. You can check from the links in the sidebar.

I proposed it because memory--well, memory is a terrible thing to lose, and watching my husband unable to pull up some of the best of memories is heartbreaking.


The hat.

The hat is in my header because it and its like are a great part of a lot of memories we have shared. The hat was a gift from one of our daughters, and it has graced his head for nearly every winter  adventure since. Other hats are part of other adventures. There are many.

Does he remember clean-up at the beach?

...or hiking in Scotland?

Our trips to Alaska?

What about the many visits to the kids in Arizona?

How about the snowshoeing trips to Mt. Rainier?

There's the hat!!!!!

Pictures help him to retrieve some of these memories.
But sometimes they are just out of reach.