Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Headbangers Odd Shots

I am the one who scheduled the theme of Odd Shots for this week's challenge. I was remembering back when I did a weekly meme on the theme. I guess I got out into the world with my camera more often then.
I was watching for some odd shots as we were out and about this weekend. Sometimes you see them when the opportunity to take a shot is not there.
There was the altar server on Sunday when we were visiting the parish near the lake. His robe was short enough that if he had been one of my trainees I would have told him it was time to move up a size. Below the hem were his lime green socks. I tried to get a picture with my phone, but I am not good with the phone camera, nor with sneakily taking pictures in church. I missed the socks as he processed out with the priest and lector. Perhaps he was recognizing that it is Ordinary Time and the liturgical color is green. But more likely he is an avid Seahawks fan.
Other possible shots I missed because I was headed down the freeway at 70 mph. That is not conducive to photography and by the time you notice you are way beyond the image. We passed some of the fattest wild turkeys on our way home from the lake. I had never seen such fat wild turkeys. They might not have been the oddest shot, but I would have liked to have saved it. This morning I saw a blue heron on a snag on the river. Awesome shot that would have been, but maybe not odd.
I did see another odd shot the other day while driving. The wind was fierce (fanning the many wildfires raging in our state.) A man was walking along the side of the freeway carrying a large panel of plywood. Why, I wondered, is he walking along the freeway struggling with that piece of wood in the wind? Then I saw his pickup up ahead that it had blown out of. SECURE YOUR LOAD!
So, having failed miserably in getting any recent odd shots, I ran through some of my files looking for some good ones from the past.
fun shadow image--I would hate to meet in a dark alley.

My friend Mary got this fortune cookie when we went to lunch one day a few years ago. She was 85 at the time. Mary passed away a couple of weeks ago at the age of 90. She will be missed.

These bikes always look odd. Have you encountered any of them on your own wanderings?

The wind turbines can create some imaginative images when cropped just right.

A restaurant we always lunch in in Leavenworth collects the dollar bills left as tips. In their former location the bills covered the walls and the ceiling. When they moved, the bills were gathered and there was approximately $12,000 which they then contributed to the medical care of the mother of a former exchange student from Ukraine. Awesome odd.
But this one is probably my favorite of old odd shots. The yield sign, for which someone obviously did not yield.

You can see more of my odd shots if you click the odd shot label at the bottom of the post. I wonder if the other headbangers found anything as odd. You can follow them from my sidebar links.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Still without internet at home. There is supposed to be a contract in my e-mail for a new company, but it has not yet appeared. Before we headed off to the doctor's this morning--yes, Wednesday is always doctor day--I loaded up my most recent months' pictures on the laptop so that I would have something to work with here.

You might wonder how this image represents melting. You will see below the other pictures. These few were taken during our two camping trips last month. In between hospital emergency room visits and Vacation Bible School, we camped with the kids (Cousin Camp) and had our own just the two of us escape to the woods.

Here is the full photo I cropped my header from. The kids starting to get arranged for a group picture at Paradise. They are waiting for the rest of the cousins.

 Now what does that have to do with melting? I promise, I will tell you later.
Two weeks after Cousin Camp we took our home away from home back. The weather was not quite as good.

It is melting snow that makes for rapids in the river and melting snow creates waterfalls..

Melting causes the glaciers to recede. Glaciers recede when there is, over time, more melt than there is new snowfall added. The Nisqually Glacier once reached to the location of the bridge and beyond. Now we see the Nisqually River from Ricksecker Point, and on this July day the glacier is hiding in the mists.

So why does my header image represent melting. Well, that picture was taken at Paradise this July. Usually there is still snow on the ground at that time with signs of the melting in the form of puddles and draining water. This past winter's snowpack at Paradise was the least since records were kept.   This next picture was taken at the same place in February. (You can see the line of trees upper right.)

My headbanger friends will have other melting pictures. Their links are in my sidebar.

Sorry, I can't seem to get rid of the extra copy of the river picture without deleting everything.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ahh! Time to Relax

Posting quickly as I have to do taxi service. You would think I were a soccer mom. Hubby had an overnight in the hospital this weekend, but is seemingly back to his normal self today. I will not give back his car keys till that has been the case for a few days.

Some of these are spot on, others more subtle.

Cousin Camp chess game.

Definitely relaxing

Grandpa's campfire stories are the best. The kids ask for the same ones every year.

Let's hug Grandpa before we leave.


Can't leave out my mountain--this taken from the opposite side as usual.

More lazy afternoon