Friday, September 28, 2007

Photo Hunters Theme: Original

The assignment was to make a picture that illustrated a good rule for taking care of your library book. Among the pictures illustrating keep the book away from the dog and make sure your hands are clean was this one:
I took this photo at a Scottish Heritage festival in Spokane, Washington a couple of years ago. I ran across it this week while looking for some other pictures. I thought that this rather original kilt displayed a mixed heritage--or maybe a Pacific Islander Scottish wannabe?

Some more fungi

These are various mushroom pictures from hikes over the past couple of years. Some were taken in Alaska, others here in Washington.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


There were some long views on today's hike, but the close up fascination was the 'shrooms.

September hikes yield a derth of wildflowers. There were a few--mountain asters, arnica, a little bit of fireweed, and another that I haven't seen and identified. This lack is made up for by the abundance of mushrooms. All sorts of mushrooms.

We hiked up the trail to Frying Pan Creek. We did not make it all the way to Summerland. My knees would not have made it back.

Friday, September 21, 2007

3-Day Wrap Up

I said I would write later, so I guess it’s time to put some of my 3-Day thoughts into words and answer some of the questions that I have been asked. Of course, a case of brain drain and I can’t think of the questions now. If you have a question, post it in comments.

I am a hiker, so distance walking is not a new thing to me. We usually hike one day or two in a row, though. And although I might say that ten miles at altitude is an equivalent of twenty at sea level, your legs move twice as much in the twenty miles as they do in the ten. Your feet have twice as many times to rub on your shoes. And you have to get up and do it again the next morning.

Adding more training walks than just our weekend hikes required some creativity because of the heat this summer. Thus, my walks to McDonald’s for breakfast as soon as there was light. Did I train enough? That's a good question. I think I was ready. The problems I had came because of my knees. Let's face it--my knees are old. No amount of training can make up for old knees. The problems with my knees were the same ones I have at the end of a long day of hiking--but just a bit moreso. And tripping over a curb didn't help much at all.

The people, though! The people were the walk!
Those people who supported me with prayers, encouragement, or donations! Foremost there was my husband who, when I needed to go through the check in and I was still about a thousand dollars short of my fundraising minimum, said “go ahead.”

Those people who shared their stories. By the time I walked I had 72 names on my hat–not just my mother, sister, aunt and cousin. There were 71 women and one man who had faced breast cancer–8 related to me, a dozen more whom I know, and the rest friends and relatives of people I know.

The people who walked. There were about 2600 of us–mostly women–and of all ages. And this was just Seattle–one of twelve walks. Hmmm, should I do the math? If each walk has the same numbers there are over 31,000 walkers this year.

The people along the route who came out with red vines (I hate red vines, but someone pointed out that there is no litter to worry about.) kisses, freeze pops, stickers, cheers, songs, signs, flags, pink ribbons, smiles, and encouragement.

Okay, I’m getting caught up in it again, and I still haven’t processed the emotions or the spiritual aspects of the experience. I walked to the church this morning. Pretty much my first walk to speak of since my blisters healed. I haven’t worn pink in the last week and a half.

But I’m ready to sign up for next year.

Photo Hunt Theme: Paper

Okay, you say, how does that fit the theme of paper? This is how. As an avid quilter I have learned, used, designed with, and taught a technique called paper piecing. This wall hanging of hot air balloons that I designed and made was done by paper piecing. The method is very useful for accuracy in small pieces, so it is somewhat popular among those who like to do miniature quilts. The paper laying on the quilt would be part of the paper piecing pattern for the "Flying Geese" border of this quilt.

(I still can't get the tag right. Can someone tell me what to do? I copied and pasted according to directions but nothing shows up.)

Monday, September 10, 2007

3 Long Days--We Did It!!!

How true!

Real men wear pink. Wedding at camp. Pink veil.

Sometimes the pits are the best part of the pit stop.
Sometimes it's just taking off the shoes.
Pink tents.
Getting my injured knee taped so that I could go another day.
Support along the way took many forms.


Salute to the Survivors!

(Will write soon.)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Photo Hunt: Theme: Music

I am posting this early because of my 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk this weekend.

(See posts below about that.) I'll try to post that it's posted, but we start out at about 4 a.m. on Friday, so I am not likely to get to comment at the PhotoHunt site.

As before, I actually have better pictures for the theme, but they involve school children whose images I do not have permission to post.

Added Sept 10: For those who wondered about the instrument, it is a saxophone. Now, which range of sax, I can't tell you. I could ask the student who was playing it and betray my own ignorance. One of my daughters played baritone sax, and it was huge, so I know it's not that--and Kenny G plays one that looks nothing like this and has a higher pitch. This one is in between.

The sheet music, BTW, is part of a page of The Star Spangled Banner.

What I like best about the photo is the shadow which repeats the line of the top of the sax..

2 Days to 3-Day

I won't get a chance to blog again until after the 3-Day event. If you are in Seattle, watch for the walkers on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The opening ceremonies are at Bellevue Community College at 6:15 a.m. on Friday. Closing Ceremonies are Sunday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. at Memorial Stadium in Seattle Center.

On Friday we walk across the I-90 Floating Bridge, down the west side of Lake Washington, and across through Renton and Tukwilla to Burien. On Saturday we walk in a loop south from Burien and back to the camp there. On Sunday we will start at Alki Point and walk to downtown and the Seattle Center endpoint.

You can see where there are good places to come and cheer the walkers and offer support at URL removed for 2008.

Rachel and I are the Janes for Jane and Ann. We are Kathy Jane and Rachel Jane--two of more than five generations of Janes in the family.

Jane, my mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992. The previous year, her HMO had denied her a mammogram. She lost her battle in January of 1995.

Ann, my sister, was diagnosed about the same time as Mother. Initially her treatment was successful, but her cancer returned in 2000, and she passed away in 2003, the day after her 48th anniversary.

It is not too late to sponsor on-line.
My 2009 sponsorship page.

Thank you to everyone for support of all sorts.