Monday, September 10, 2007

3 Long Days--We Did It!!!

How true!

Real men wear pink. Wedding at camp. Pink veil.

Sometimes the pits are the best part of the pit stop.
Sometimes it's just taking off the shoes.
Pink tents.
Getting my injured knee taped so that I could go another day.
Support along the way took many forms.


Salute to the Survivors!

(Will write soon.)

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Paulie said...

I wrote a big long response to you and forgot BLOGGER was doing maintenance and I would not be able to send it. I finished and sent and got the message they were down so lost it. . . sigh Trying again!

Congratulations on walking 60 miles! I am not sure I could have done that -- that is almost three marathons! I was just happy to finished the Portland marathon. About the 15th mile is when I hurt my leg and had it bandaged for the rest of the walk. I hope you leg is ok now. Good thing you didn't have to walk in the heat we had today here!

I was happy to see that you did get people visiting your blog entry for PHOTO HUNTERS. Ü It was hard to know with blogger approval going.

I saw your note on my latest post but please return and comment on my Photo Hunters one too -- I have 97 comments and am hoping a few stragglers will post so I can get 100. lol I have never gotten so many. Of course I visited over 200. Lots of nice entries this week.

Well, take it easy if you can. I suppose you have to go to work? Did you have today off?

Congratulations for making it and hopefully one day cancer will not be a word/killer anymore.