Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pictures from the Past

Lew proposed the theme Pictures from the Past. He was thinking back to film days. I was thinking even farther. (I do admit that I did not personally take any of these pictures...

especially this one. --that cutie on the left is me.

This is a favorite picture from my Dad's albums. I had always thought it was of him, but it is a friend taken by him.

This, on the other hand, was my Dad.

another favorite.

The gent in the tartan tie was my father-in-law, taken in front of his business establishment, which was an ice cream parlor when the cops were looking, a speakeasy when they were not.

I don't know who is in this car in front of my husband's grandfather's business.

Pictures from the past.

I don't know if the other headbangers will have gone this far back. I may be disqualified by not using my own photos. See what they have come up with from the links in my sidebar.


imac said...

Well you certainly go back a long way Kathy, lol.
Great pics

Lew said...

Love the old b&w images! I'll bet you don't see any wash hanging out like that today!

Katney said...

No, Lew. Not Granddaddy's long underwear.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very neat captures from the past, Kathy.

Christine said...

Wow, those are from way way back! Talk about technology--the cars!

Liz Hinds said...

Gosh, what lovely old photos. A speakeasy?! What history lies within.