Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Starts with a "C"

I didn't have to go far to find some things that start with C for our header challenge this week. Our trip to Arizona a couple of weeks ago yielded quite a few, and as I had not been thinking about it till I saw Fishing Guy mention it on Facebook, I was glad I had a reminder. As I am the furthest west of the group and when I do not post ahead of time am usually offered a reminder when some of those east of me post, I am either the first or the last to post.

Then totally forgot again after some stress this morning.

So I was glad to find these possibilities and more in that recent file.

Starting with a CHICKEN with a bad hair day.

LOL--that chick was sooooooo funny,

Maybe not a funny looking as the javelina, but the javelina does not start with a C.

Some more from Bearizona--first, some actual CATS:
 Bobcats, that is. A lot of the animals at Bearizona started with B--bears, buffalo, bobcats, big horn sheep. The foxes start with F but here they are CAVORTING around the COMPOUND.

We took in a spring training game while we were in the Phoenix area, so here is the CATCHER actually catching..

I have always said that it would be a lot shorter trip between Washington and Arizona if it weren't for that big hole in the ground.

So this time we went along it rather than totally around it--well, we went along it in order to go around it. The Grand CANYON.
 Here are some folks down in the Canyon enjoying the COLORADO River close up. The raft trip is a two week trip. The other options are to raft to this point and hike up to the rim--one week. Or hike down to the river and meet the group there and take the second half of the trip.
I wish I could have done that some time.

So what will I choose for my header? One of these or something totally different that comes to mind when I finish? What will the other headbangers do? We can find out by following the links in my sidebar.


imac said...

Grand C's there C-sorry Kathy.
Love the Canyon.

Lew said...

The Canyon is the right choice for the header! But you got some marvelous shots from sunny Arizona.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very cool Kathy, a place on my bucket list for certain.

Christine said...

Captivating captures, Kathy! (How's that for C??) The Canyon is amazing--maybe someday!

Liz Hinds said...

Two weeks of paddling sounds like hard work!

We would love to visit the Grand Canyon one day.

I love the chick!