Sunday, May 25, 2008

Camping in our Little Guy Trailer

It was awesome. And will be even awesomer when we get our routine tweaked. (Here is the trailer.)

I took 228 photos this weekend.

Watch this space.

I have to go look at them myself first.
Okay, I'm back. I absolutely had to throw away 12 that made my eyes cross, and one belonged in a different file. Two are videos I will figure out how to view eventually and post sometime when I have figured that out, too. You don't get all 215 because not all of them are all that good anyway, and some I will save for special circumstances. You just get to see some of what we saw.
There was a lot of this...

...and this.

We saw these...

...and we found the woodpecker buffet.

And at the end of the day...

When we were back from our hike on the Silver Falls loop trail, people asked us how long a hike it is in time. After telling how long it took us, I pointed out that we are slow hikers. Hubby said, "She stops a lot to take pictures."


david mcmahon said...

228 shots? I am so proud of you ....

Blue said...

Sounds like we've lots to look forward too.
Enjoyed the mini tour.

Dragonstar said...

Lovely photos. I'm not surprised it takes you some time to hike - all those shots take time to produce!

diane said...

Isn't camping just the most fun? We will be going this next weekend. Can't wait. We have an RV, and several family members do too. We have a little group & we absolutely love it~
Looks like a dogwood blossom in the middle. Ours bloom much earlier if it is.
And the campfire. These are some beautiful pictures Katney. Thanks so much for sharing!

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Texas Travelers said...

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Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh i didn't know you were going to Silver Falls, we camped there one night but was on our way to see Pappa's old car show. I would love to go back and see all the great falls they have. There are 10 falls there? did you see them all?