Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Salmon Release

After releasing the Coho Salmon fingerlings that they had raised from eggs in a tank outside the classroom, students explored the creek with their high school mentors.

Old beaver dam

At one station they tested the water quality.

Further down stream they measured the waterflow by dropping oranges from an old cattle bridge and timing their float between measured markings.
Ready to catch the oranges after the timing.

They caught, observed, and identified some of the smallest inhabitants of the stream--here: leeches (yuch!) and other water bugs.

...and being true scientists, they recorded all their findings.

This is my 200th post. I missed noticing my 100th sometime around Valentine's Day.


Paulie said...

Those kids from your school? Interesting but yucky!

babooshka said...

Very interesting and good to see the kids geeting active about a project that matters.

Daryl said...

Congrats on the 200th ... and thanks for the great photos and sharing the salmon and kids.. it looks as if it was truly a great day!