Friday, May 9, 2008

Overheard the next table at dinner last night:

"...and there was a cougar right outside the sliding glass door."

Various bits of the conversation that continued included:

"...they were inside..." " was on the patio..."
"...were the dogs in?..."

and finally:

"So, what did they do?"

"They took a picture, of course."


david mcmahon said...

That's brilliant. The mental picture is great!!

And thank you so much for the explanation about peas - I hadn't realised any of that until you spelled it out for me!

If it's OK with you, do you want to let me know what your email address is?

It'd make communication easier - and quicker ....

Anonymous said...

Spoken like true photographers :)

Paulie said...

hehehehe Good one! Like a true photographer!

Dragonstar said...

Of course!

Daryl said...

I LOVE overheard conversations!


Texas Travelers said...

I love the imagery. This was great. A naturalist always goes for the camera. Good one. Thanks for sharing this really funny story.

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