Friday, April 11, 2008


MOTL Jackie passed this award along to me. I am glad that I can cheer anyone up. Is that why I blog? Maybe it is. If it isn't, then I am glad that I can do that occasionally anyway.

I told MOTL that I was not sure what to say, but could possibly tell how I feel about it in photos. So I selected this series from an outing last spring to show how I feel about the award.

See the puffed out chest?

Show off?

Turn and try to hide?
Jackie didn't mention any strings attached to this, but I know that these awards are meant to be passed on. I've passed a number of awards on to several of those I regularly read and I hope they are not getting tired of them.
I did a little bit of research (You know that's what computers are for, don't you?) and found that the award originated with Anna and she would like to know where it ends up, so I will let Anna know that it is here. She probably cheers a lot of people up with this award, and thus deserves it herself. Besides this she has something you are supposed to do with it that involves code. Yikes! I think that's what comes after the turn and try to hide part--run and hide for sure. CODE!?!?!?!!
But I've copied and pasted it in at least. Anna, if you need more from us than that you may need to write an instruction manual.
But I digress. Dozens of blogs cheer me up. Some daily, and others from time to time while inspiring me and they fit into my list of criteria for an excellent blog. I won't do dozens, because many of them have had it already.
What I want to do is present it to one who inspires me and cheers me up when I visit. He is a very unusual blogger because he cannot read or write because of dyslexia, but uses software to aid in his words. The few words he posts along with his pictures make me smile, because, like all of us, he keeps on keeping on. His name is Stephen and his blog is The Phoenix.


Landliv said...

We all have different interests and reasons for blogging - and it is enough space for all of us ;-)
Good to hear that even people with different challenges as dyslexia cain join the "blog-club".
Thak you for your blog by the way! Have a nice weekend :-)

david mcmahon said...

The second and third shots are beautiful, Katney.

Lilli & Nevada said...

When you have time come over as i have something for you

the mother of this lot said...

Love it! Don't go sticking your chest out too far though - you never know what might happen!

Dragonstar said...

You make me feel very proud. Stephen is a stubborn and determined young man, with more problems than the dyslexia. But as you say, he keeps going.

starnitesky said...

Congrats on the awards - you deserve them, I always enjoy reading your blog.

CrazyCath said...

Katney - congratulations. I love how you express yourself in your pictures. You are so thoughtful to research where it came from and let Anna know. You really go the "extra mile" (as we say here) don't you?

The shots are brilliant. And your thoughtful comments on who you award to and why. You are very special.