Friday, April 4, 2008

Museum of Flight

Some images from our trip to the Museum of flight in Seattle.

Car/plane? Shades of the Jetsons?

Spring Break is rapidly coming to an end. I have spent entirely too much time bloghopping this week, but I have managed to fit in---errrr, a wee bit of gardening (very wee), a visit to the optometrist, a start on our taxes, and a start to my training regime for the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk in September.


Jane said...

I have memories of going to an aeronautics museum with my family as a young girl. There was a plane called the "Curtis Jenny" which I remember because I would have been named Curtis had I been a boy.

BTW, I was able to miter the corner of my first quilt block today! Thanks for the encouragement!

Kostas said...

Before certain years I visited the museum in the Munich of Germany, splendid models with planes and no only!
Marvellous post, very beautiful the photographs and the memories that to us it brought behind!

June said...

Thanks for the virtual visit...and for visiting Spatter too!

Inland Empire Girl said...

My principal and good friend told me last time we were in Seattle at a conference that I need to go to this museum. She went with a group of students and said it is amazing.