Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Fable

For some reason this fable has been on my mind today. I don't remember where I first heard it, or to whom it should be attributed.
A man had an inn along the main highway to the city, and travelers often stopped there for refreshment as they made their way there.
One day, a traveler came along, and as he drank his tea asked, "What are the people like in this city? I am thinking of moving in the near future and would like to find out if this would be a good place to live."

The innkeeper thought for a moment and asked the traveler, "What are the people like in the place where you come from?"
The traveler replied, "Oh, they are not at all nice. They are unfriendly, and often rather cruel and miserly. Not the least bit pleasant."

The innkeeper's response was, "Unfortunately, you will find the people here just the same."

On another occasion, a second traveler stopped in at the inn. He order some refreshment, and as he ate, he asked the innkeeper, "What are the people like in the city here? I am planning a move soon, and would like to have an idea of the place."
The innkeeper asked this traveler the same question. "What are the people like in the place where you come from?"

The traveler responded with delight. "They are a most gracious group of people. They are kind and friendly. They would share willingly anything they have. I am really sorry that because of my job I must leave there, as they are wonderful to live amongst."

The innkeeper responded, "I am happy to say that you will find the people here to be the same."
What do you expect to find when you come into a new place or a new situation?
I edited this to illustrate it with some photos of some cities and towns where I have found lovely and gracious people. From top to bottom, Seattle Washington from the ferry; Singapore skyline from the tour bus window; Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia; shopping in Batalagunda, Tamil Nadu, India.


CrazyCath said...

That is very thought provoking. It makes us look at how we might be contributing to our joy or misery ourselves.

Thanks for that. A lesson in self awareness.

Lew said...

It was once said "you shall reap what you sow". It is also true that you will find what you expect.

I'm sorry you are losing your direct view of the mountains. Perhaps it will add an observation tower to your house?

Dragonstar said...

I remember my father telling this story when I was quite young. He told it many times, and one day I understood what he was saying. It is a favourite of mine.