Sunday, April 6, 2008


I downloaded a site meter. You might have seen the little logo down at the
bottom of the sidebar. Or not--that's okay, too. It has provided me with some fascinating diversion for the last few days of spring break.

One of the things you can find out on your site meter is what Google searches brought people to your blog. I've seen other bloggers who have posted the list and sometimes they are funny, sometimes absurd. You decide which category mine fall in. Here goes:

"smart clock"--funny that the very day that I expound upon my dumb clock someone searches for a smart one.

mt hood view points--that took them to the post with no pictures.

The trees around here are beautifully laden with heavy snow--I never said that--not exactly.

"peterson's rock garden"--was a response to a question I had asked in another's blog.

3-day "breast cancer"--good, come join me in the walk!

sunday pussy--er, what?

"pussy willow sunday"--well, that makes more sense. I wonder if the other one had found what they were looking for in this post. Needless to say, these searches were from totally different sources.

pics-celebrating life--good, I always celebrate life.

old fashioned washing machine--and
old fashioned grinding wheel--and
old fashioned water well picture--all led to the same Photo Hunt post and do you know what? At least two of the searches were from different areas.

Image searches don't show up the same. You can see what the search arrived at rather than the search terms. I think the image searches that came to me came to my Photo Hunt Red and my Photo Hunt Pink posts. That's weird.

You can also tell how long someone was on your site and how many pages they looked at. The er, what? searcher was here zero seconds. Hmm, guess that answers my question, doesn't it?

And, although nearly half of the hits on the blog have been from the US, the rest of the visitors come from 20 other countries.


The Empty Nest said...

I have another blog at wordpress and they have built in statistics that show the very same thing. They call them Search Engine Terms that was used to find your blog. Blogspot doesn't have that. You have to sign up for Site Meter or Google Analytics. I like Analytics better because you can get it from "My Account" on your Dashboard, and you don't need a password every time you want to view your statistics.

Dragonstar said...

Sounds like fun.
My OH has Google Analytics and StatCounter, and they keep him 'happily' occupied for ages.