Wednesday, April 16, 2008

There goes the neighborhood.

This is what the view across our road has been like for the last fifteen years or so (weather permitting.) The mountain in the distance is Mt. Adams. A bit farther north is Mt. Rainier, but you have to get in the right spot to see it because of the tree.
Before the vineyard was put in, there was a plum orchard. You couldn't see the mountains because the trees were taller. You couldn't see the big city water tower because it wasn't built yet then.
One day I came home from school to see this. It was March 20.
March 22

April 4 (See what I mean about weather permitting.)
Hops are used to flavor beer. The Yakima Valley has always been the largest producer of hops. A number of years ago, breweries started using fewer hops. I don't know what that did to the flavor of beer--did you notice a chage?
Apparently, with the increase in designer brews and microbreweries, the demand for hops has increased.
April 8
Hops grow as a vine on a trellis. Commercially, the trellises are a series of poles wired together with strings for the vines to climb.
April 9
This is taken from down the road to show the extent to which the hop yards are going up in this area. From this road to the next road is one mile. From our road to the next one over toward the water tower is one mile. There are approximately six houses in that square mile. The rest now looks like this.

There are many more houses on our side of the road. We have one neighbor behind us. When I got home tonight I realized that the work behind our property had progressed much farther than I had realized. Farther in more ways than one. The work is farther in time, and it is right up behind our neighbor's property.
As I say, there goes the view. There goes the neighborhood.
We have many friends who have been hop growers in the past. Most of them have retired. Looks like we now have neighbors who are hop growers. Looks like we will have a window on the progress of the hops.


Lilli & Nevada said...

Well i really enjoyed that, but sorry that you have to put up with that. We have a really nice brewery here, called the Deschutes Brewery I guess they won an award.. Not a beer drinker myself so nope never noticed it.
Will you take some photos when it is grown i would love to see it

Dragonstar said...

Oh dear. You were afraid this would happen. How tall are hop poles these days? I suppose it's better than a housing estate, but you had such a lovely view before.

June said...

It is what it is and I know you'll adapt and make the best of it...but I can imagine your heart dropping in the interim!

Daryl E said...

That's sad about losing the open space/view but maybe when the vines are blooming it will be a pleasant green field which would surely look better than bare poles.

Andrea said...

That is sad. We live out in the country but the city is trying to come closer to us.

Dewdrop said...

I am so sorry about your view. I hate it when a view is destroyed.

Jane said...

That was an interesting series of photos. Hopefully the hops vines will be pretty?

ExpatKat said...

This reminds me of the landscape in Kent, England where I lived for several years. They grow hops there too. It will look better when the vines have grown. (no view though).

Jeff said...

I like this set of photos. The water tower is the one across from the cemetery? It's been there since I can remember, though it was painted white sometime in the last decade.

BumbleVee said...

well, at least there will be a bit of greenery for a few months....bummer.....won't be seeing any mountains for sticks.

CrazyCath said...

Wow those are fast changes! Business doesn't hang about does it? What a shame the view has changed so much.

starnitesky said...

It's a shame you will miss your view of the mountains, I hope when there is some greenery it will look better.

Paulie said...

Interesting. . . wonder if you will now go into wine making?