Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Project Green

It's Project Green this week at Anna's. That is appropriate for Earth Day (today) and Earth Week (this week). I may not play every day, but here is some green that I am looking forward to.

Green forest glens

Green moss reflecting in ponds
Green mountain meadows

BTW Mother of this Lot has passed along an award which I had best post here or I will be in deep trouble.
She might even send the Fixer after me. That could be scary--well, except I think the Fixer is only 12 so I could probably handle her. One day I will feel inclined to pass this along. Today I'm tired.


Carletta said...

I love the moss photo - it's wonderful!

Anna said...

Moss has been popular as I have visited blogs! Great shots!

Melli said...

Gorgeous shots! I'm definitely going to have to wander outside to get interesting green too! My search INSIDE today was pitiful...

The Apron Queen said...

Enjoyed your Project Green. Come check out my green sand pails. I’m still trying to get the sand outta my shorts! :D


Robert said...

These are stunning images. Thanks for posting them.