Thursday, February 26, 2009

So, where's my stuff?

This is what my blog looks like on my screen right now.
See? All the layout stuff, no post.
If I follow the link from my Yakima Valley Daily Photo blog, it looks normal. And linking from other blogger's blogrolls seems to work.
It is a puzzlement to me.
So let me know if you don't see this so I will know it's not just me.


Katney said...

Well, my stuff is back!! Good. I don't want to post something that makes sense and have it be invisible.

Jan said...

Looks as if you fixed it. I had the same thing happen last week. I had Carrie fix it.

PERBS said...

I was gone when it was happening to you . This time I took the bus over to Parkrose in Oregon and walked back on the I=205 bridge and then went to see Myrl and then went to Wintler Park and then decided there was no way I was going to walk home so I walked abck up the hill and found a bus stop and rode the rest of the way home.

I was sad that it was overcast and I couldn't see Mt. St Helens from the bridge, muchless Mt. Hood. I did take my Flat Stanley along and got several photos of him doing some things in interesting places, I mean.

This morning I wondered why my "map" didn't show you posting anything yet today.

We DID get snow during the night. I fell asleep and didn't wake up until most of it was melted but I got a couple photos to prove it snowed before it all melted. That makes 18 days of some snow this winter! Ü

one of "the kids" said...

"So let me know if you don't see this"


Lew said...

Your 3 blogs work fine now. I see this in some other blogs and if I scroll beyoud the end of the sidebar, the posts start to appear. Something in a post makes the body too wide to fit beside the sidebar. It is also browser dependent. I have an older version of IE and Marianne uses Firefox which displayed the blogs in question ok.