Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am what I am...

Liz did this and it looked like--well, maybe fun. Maybe I will be sorry by the time I get to the end of it.

I Am: apparently older than I look

I Want: to finish the Breast Cancer 3-Day this fall without having to take a sweep van at all during the event

I Have: 10 grandsons and 5 granddaughters (sorry, Liz, I know I'm blest)

I Wish: there were more interesting classes offered locally at the Community College (That's more classes in which I would be interested, not classes that are more interesting. I'm sure the classes I haven't taken there are certainly interesting, but there are not very many that I am particularly interested in.)

I Fear: edges (not heights--heights I can handle--I fear edges so I will go high but stay away from the edge.) Oh, high bridges have edges, so I am afraid of high bridges, too.

I Hear: buzzing in my ears.

I Search: pretty efficiently on the Internet

I Wonder: when I wander

I Regret: not having tried a professional massage sooner

I Love: my family

I Always: generalize

I Usually: spend some time sewing and reading each day

I Am Not: deaf, so you don't have to repeat everything you said--just the beginning--because of * below

I Dance: (d) a long time ago

I Sing: in the choir

I Never: eat pickles that I can see, or drink coffee

I Rarely: make phone calls

I Cry: at the end of Extreme Makeover Home Edition

*I Am Not Always: paying attention if you don't get my attention first

I Need: to improve my Spanish

I Should: follow through on my Spanish language course


PERBS said...

I cry watching Extremem Home makeover also. I see you are moderating comments again.

Liz said...

Okay, I am jealous!

Your comment about fearing edges reminds me of the saying 'I don't have a fear of height. It's not the height that will kill you: it's the ground when you hit it.' Or something like that!