Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ABC Wednesday--F is for

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Back with my travel ABCs, F is for


These huge fruits are called jackfruit. There were many exotic fruits which were the norm when I was visiting India. Another that I recall was mangosteen.

There were also more familiar fruits. On a trip to the city, we picked up a large box of mangoes and took them back to the boys at Boys Village. You would have thought we had brought them the world. The younger ones danced about the courtyard with their mangoes, brought the over to us and shouted with delight, "Look, a mango!" Flowers

Flowers were bright and everywhere. Shops in the village sold garlands, which were given in welcome and in celebration.


My favorite forest photo is this one from Siberia. This forest is the setting for the Akademgorodok--University District-- where we were staying with friends of our son.This pathway winds through the forest there, connecting the eleven large apartment buildings and the buildings of the university.
In India, we passed through this eucalyptus forest on our way to the tiger preserve where I saw last week's elephants.


naturglede said...

That was a good one for the F. Love it. Have a fun abc:)

PERBS said...

Photos bring such nice memories!

Tink said...

That forest photo is a perfect imagination forest....anything can be dreamed there!

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Have you ever seen a letter that bring us so much goodies?

Fantastic F

Great pictures too!


Nave said...

Good muse for F :) and lovely pictures !!

Daryl said...

Fabulous Fs!

Those trees and that trail ... the color is so purple-y .. is it due to the film/scan or the actual conditions?

Anonymous said...

Nice selection for ABC Katney..You certainly have had some adventures.. Michelle

Jay said...

You got some great photos to remind you of your trip, didn't you? love the white trumpet-shaped flowers!

Tumblewords: said...

Lovely photos! I've heard of jackfruit and mangosteen. Really fond of mangoes and papayas...

RuneE said...

A very exotic post with fruits that we up among the ice and snow haven't even heard of.

PS Thank you for the very pleasant comments!

Dragonstar said...

Loads of F words! My particular Favourite is that path through the Forest.