Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ABC Wednesday--C is for...

In keeping with my initial plan of photos from my travels, here are some coconut palms from Tamil Nadu, India.
When they were babies, the trees looked something like these in the coconut nursery maintained at St. Joseph Boys Village to help support the program.
The sterotypical cartoon image is of someone being killed when conked on the head by a falling coconut. Highly unlikely though it is, when we were in India there was a story in the newspaper that it had actually happened. The man was standing by a well, a coconut fell and knocked him into the well, where he drowned.
ABC Wednesday, in its fourth round, was originated by Denise.
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PERBS said...

What a great angle that first shot it! I wish I had had a digital camera when I lived in hawaii. Yes, one can scan photos but I would not have taken a picture of a tree with film. . . Ü

You are blessed to have traveled so much.

PERBS said...

Forgot to say how much I like your new header. . . I either didn't see it or you just changed it.

Michele said...

Coconuts is perfect! I love coconut.
I have never seen one in person but your photo is awesome.
Maybe one day I'll be able to get out to a nice warm tropical place to view them with my own eyes!!!!!

Mary said...

You have traveled so many interesting places! What lovely palms!

Daryl said...

Oh what a loverly bunch of coconuts ... (I dont know the next stanza ..) but those pix are wonderful.

AND the new header is just great

Janie said...

Getting killed by a falling coconut -- now that's a quirk of fate. Lovely trees. You traveled a long way to visit India!

Liz said...

Aren't more people killed by coconuts than by ... something else?!

Lovely action shots down below too.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

great coconuta...life is just a bunch of coconuts?