Friday, December 12, 2008

What's happening?

Is this happening to you?

I am apparently going to be able to post, but I am not able to visit any Blogger blog. I visited David's this morning, then when I went on to others. I got this:

I thought maybe it was something to dow ith the Following feature, so I tried other bookmarks. No luck. Since I had been able to see David's blog, I went back there by way of history. Got the same Google message.

I can visit blogs on other platforms. I can't even visit my own blogs.

My virus protection updated when I logged on this morning and I'm running an extra scan now. I deleted the cookies and temproary files.

Let me know if you can see this. If it's everyone, the Blogger has a serious problem. If it's me, then I have a problem. If I don't get any comments at all, then I will know that others are having a problem as well.

I had a bright moment and booted up the laptop. On the laptop I can reach my own blog. Either it is a problem with my computer or Blogger has fixed it. I would still like to have someone comment here so that I know you can see me.
Okay, now I am back and functioning and still do not know what happened. In addition to deleting cookies and running the virus scan, I rebooted the computer. So, if this should happen to you, try the cookies first and try rebooting.
I would still like to know if this happened to anyone else today.


Lucia said...

I see you!

Greyscale Territory said...

No worries! I can see you!

Regarding your problem, for some reason on Belgium blogs in particular, when I try to comment I get a note saying Access Forbidden. I can't explain that at all!

Gattina said...

I live in Belgium too and have no problems (so far !) I can see your post perfectly and as you see I can comment too. Try later, sometimes strange things happen but after a while everything is OK again. This morning I couldn't get my dashboard (I forgot what was written) I restarted my laptop and everything was OK ! Maybe Google celebrated Christmas already with too much wine !

PERBS said...

Well, I am here after you solved the problem so am of no help. Ü