Monday, December 8, 2008

A Monchrome for Monday

I'd been stopping by to see some of those participating this week in Aileni's Monochrome Mania. All of a sudden I remembered this shot, which I had scrolled past last night while looking for other things. I wondered what it would have looked like if taken with black and white film. Aha! You can do that with digital--at least you can if you have the right software (I can't while traveling because the software on my laptop is limited.)

It will enlarge if clicked. Visit Aileni to see who has great monochromes this week.

My Odd Shots are below. I will post the answer to the Odd Shot puzzle later this evening. Stop to see in the morning if you are in Australian or European time zones.


Aileni said...

Intriguing picture - is it rice. Makes quite a pattern.

I have no Oddity this week, I am afraid.

CrazyCath said...

This is very effective in monochrome. I think the colour may have been too "busy". With this you can see the lines and the eye is drawn along the line(s) to the midpoint. Great shot.

Katney said...

Not rice, Aileni. I think it is the remains of the pilings of a pier or something on the waterfront of Lake Washington at Kirkland.

I posted the original colored version in the psalm on Nov.1. It is here
You can check to compare--see what you think, Cath.