Monday, December 15, 2008

Odd Shots--looking down

The Odd Shot concept includes an odd angle on something, and that is what this one is.
While we were in Arizona last month, we visited Tonto Natural Bridge State Park west of Payson. It is an incredible setting and I will use other photos from our visit for next month's Bridges Between...
When we arrived we parked and went out to see where the "bridge" might be. Then we realized that we were walking on it. This is my odd view.
The trail to one viewpoint crossed this grate. Someone coming back from the viewpoint someone asked if we had looked down the hole. We hadn't even noticed it as we came by. (That just shows that you should read the interpretive signs or pamphlets that are available to make sure you don't miss something.)
This is the "hole" she was talking about, and the view above, well, let's just say that some people would have stopped to render aid if my husband hadn't been standing by to assure them that I was fine--just taking a picture. "She's like that."

I was lying prone so I could get my lens pointed exactly between the grates. In fact, you can see them framing the first photo, which looks directly down through the fine fall of water that descends freely to the stream below.


If you have an Odd Shot--odd in any way: odd angle like this one, odd circumstance, odd expression, or just a shot that makes you say "
Whaaaa...?"--go ahead and post it on your blog, then comment here so we can find it. I will add you to the blogroll, (which still needs to be updated after my trip--sorry--maybe I will get it done before this posts.)


RuneE said...

I like that one - If I had been there I would probably done same.

Gattina said...

That really looks odd ! I also would have done the same.

Dragonstar said...

I'm glad the grid was there!

I love the idea of people thinking you were in trouble, only to be told you were being Odd!

Anonymous said...

That is rather neat - photographers need to get into add positions sometimes :)

Mine is Up - so was I - - -

Anonymous said...

I get vertigo - I'm off !

Hilda said...

It took me some time to make sense of what I was seeing. When it finally clicked, I was "Wow!" Fantastic shot, Katney!

My Odd Shot is about Plastic, metal, wood.

babooshka said...

I love your explanation on how you took the shot. We photographers will lie sit hang off building for a great image.

JC said...

Grate shot!! And very cool, too!

Sailor Girl said...

Checking in!!!!
(sorry for not having been able to participate more...)
Roger & Out!!!!


becky said...

Great Odd shots, Katney! Mine is up now.

Snapper said...

Good morning Katney. My oddshot is up over at GDP. Cheers!

becky voyles said...

Sorry that didn't link correctly. It is

diXymiss said...

Cool perspective and a fun eXplanation, Katney. Makes me smile to see I'm not the only one who assumes odd postures for the sake of a piX!

lmerie said...


That truly is an odd shot!

I played today, maybe not completely odd, but odd circumstances :)


Sandi McBride said...

I love it! Your husband's comment that the post! Thank you so much for sharing (She's just like that! I love it!)

PERBS said...

That is contagious you know. I remember when I first had my camera and was trying to take a photo of Captain Vancouver. A man, also with a camera told me to lie down on my back and I would get the sky for a background instead of the buildings. I will never forget that piece of advice!