Saturday, September 13, 2008

Photo Hunt--Theme: Wild

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Most people who know me might expect me to post something like this for the theme "Wild".

...and ordinarily, I would.
But since I am off in Seattle today walking 60 miles for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research, I am seeing wild things like these:
Now, would you decorate YOUR van with bras of all sizes and colors? That's pretty wild, and these ladies did it last year while serving as a sweep van, coming to the aid of walkers who were experiencing difficulties along the route. It was this van which gave me a lift to the next pit stop when I wrenched my knee and had to "ride out" the last few miles of the first day's walking.

After the tender care of the sports medicine team, I was back on the road again the second day when I met several supporters in wild costumes, including these ladies.

In all my camping experience, I am not sure I have ever seen something as wild as the sea of pink tents which was our home base for the two nights of the event.

It was a wild adventure last year, one I am repeating right now as this posts. Well, hopefully I am not repeating the wrenched knee and the blisters. I will let you know when I have finished.
BTW, my donation page is still up, linked to the button on my sidebar if you would like to sponsor me.
Say, would someone who notices this stop by TnChick and let her know I am in the game this week--though I will not get around much, since as soon as this is over, we will be, appropriate to the next theme, on the "ROAD" again, at the site of the first picture filling in at the Ohanapecosh Visitor Center for a week. If you do tell her--say so in your comment here so that she does not get a bunch of folks saying--"Hey, Katney played!"
And if you happen by Ohanapecosh next week, be sure to stop and say "Hi!"


CrazyCath said...

Well they all look wild! Love the sea of pink tents. And I hope your knee is ok and no blisters.

I'll tell tn chick you played.

Go Katney!!

bintang4 said...

hahaha...a van with bras..that's a wild decor :)

Karen said...

That is SO COOL!!!! I hope your experience goes more smoothly this go-around and THANK YOU for walking for such a great cause!

Write From Karen

Greyscale Territory said...

Loved seeing these pink in the wild pics! Great walking!

marie6 said...

Good luck and well done for taking part in such a good cause! The van was a brilliant idea!

Gattina said...

Wow ! that really looks wild, lol !

Dragonstar said...

That van is really wild!

Hope things are going OK.

lucy said...

Those are great photos. I love the sea of pink tents. Happy walking for a great cause! Thank you for your efforts.

Patricia said...

Wild and fun, Katney! I look forward to reading about your walk this weekend - and of course, seeing the photos.

Be blessed!

love ely said...

By looking your photos above, I feel you are an forceful person and also peaceful.

PERBS said...

God be with you on your walking endeavor. Enjoy your time at Rainier next week.

Sammawow said...

That is one wild looking van! Good luck with your walk!

Anonymous said...

Keep on truckin' - in pink !

Mary said...

Love the van and the pink tents! I hope you raised lots of money and I know you had a good time.

Anu said...

The van with bras is really a wild and crazy idea.
Wonderful shots of wild.