Monday, September 29, 2008

Day Three

A continuation--and conclusion--of photos from the Breast Cancer 3-Day in Seattle September 12-14.
Day Three started out with packing up camp and loading our gear. Those pink tents actually did fit inside their bags if you did it right. They almost fit if you didn't.

We were bussed across Lake Washington, starting our walk through the Arboretum to the University of Washington campus. UW had won their football game the day before AND it was still pledge week, so our route through Greek Row saw lots of celebration going on. Did ANY of those kids sleep Saturday night?

The privilege of carrying one of the 3-Day flags should not be taken lightly, and is a good reason for a photo op.

Here I am having my foot taped. Each pit stop had a crew of medicos, docs, physical therapists, nurses, chiropractors--all volunteers.

A tear comes to my eye seeing this devoted older couple again.

A cheering area was designated along the north shore of Green Lake. That is where I met up with Kim, from Seattle Daily Photo. She recorded the occasion here. Be sure to click her link to more pictures to see me doctoring my toes.

Always welcome.

We had lunch at Gasworks Park.

And this lady near the park had her own bubbly cheering station.

One of our pit stops was just next to the dock for Kenmore Air's seaplanes. A gentleman who had just flown in came by to say that from the air, it looked like a pink ribbon threaded through the city.

Once all the walkers had arrived at a holding area in the Seattle Center, we organized (I use the term very loosely.) for our procession into the stadium to celebrate the conclusion of the walk. (I just realized that I recognize the room we waited in. In other times I have attended a major quilt show there.)

Friends and family awaited in the stadium to celebrate with us... once again, we raised a shoe in salute to the survivors.

Before the week is out I will post my non-photographic impressions--my debriefing, so to speak.


Cindy said...

You look so cheerful getting your foot wrapped up! Way to go on another 3 day walk from a gal who can't seem to manage 30 minutes on the treadmill. :)

leslie said...

Fabulous shots! I wish I could take part in something like this because my friend Kathy just passed away from breast cancer and my sister has had a mastectomy. But my back just does not allow it. I help in other ways.

PERBS said...

Looks like it was quite the adventure for a great cause.

Liz said...

I'm glad you survived to tell the tale! It must have been fantastic walking into the finishing arena.