Monday, September 1, 2008

Bridge Trepidation

Bridges between... is a monthly meme sponsored by exploring bridges of all sorts. Visit master bridge builder RuneE at Visual Norway to see the list of bridges featured this month.

I have to admit that I sometimes approach certain bridges with trepidation.
As an example, there was a time when the necessity of crossing this bridge would have denied me the pleasures of the rest of the hike.

There is ample warning that it should be crossed with caution--one person at a time. Perhaps what prevented me in the past was mischievous offspring who found it funny to jump or swing on the suspension bridge while mom was halfway across.

The grandkids know better. Now, how they could all cross this one at once is beyond me. They knew better than to start before Grandma was already across.

My former anxiety is apparently well documented. My daughter remarked, "Mom, I can't believe you crossed that bridge."
(Hmm, I remember a similar remark about a roller coaster some years ago and on that occasion I had to ride the thing again with all six kids watching or they wouldn't believe it.)
I took a really good look at this one before crossing.

Altogether, I have become quite confident in crossing footbridges of all sorts. I can even steel myself to drive across most highway bridges.
There is one bridge, however, which I can only cross with my eyes closed. If I should find myself in its vicinity without another driver available, I would have a detour of around 80 miles to get to the opposite side of the river. It is the bridge at the mouth of the Columbia River at Astoria, Or. You can see it here.
It is four miles--FOUR MILES--That's 6 kilometers! long and for about half of that you cannot see anything below you. That is the part that bothers me--not being able to see what I am crossing.
Do you have any bridges--either physical or figurative--that you cannot or will not cross?


ArneA said...

One person at a time - PLEASE!

CrazyCath said...

You're a courageous lady - overcoming what you need to in order to enjoy more. Great shots of the bridges.

RuneE said...

I enjoyed very much you "uncrossable bridges". The builder must have been nervous indeed when they felt it necessary to put up that warning sign.

I can't remember any bridges I felt afraid of, but on the other hand: NEVER AGAIN IN A ROLLER-COASTER!!

PERBS said...

You couldn't get me across that bridge with no guard rail. (I might have killed your grandkids if they had gotten on that bridge with me! It's scary enough alone.) It was a long time ago but I crossed that bridge in Astoria twice. I rode a roller coaster only once -- never again.

Come and see mine. It's not scary at all.

Daryl said...

Wonderful photo/story post


Ida said...

I think you`re a brave lady. :)
Great theme and post.
I would never walk alone in the forest when it is dark..... ;)

Anemone said...

So funny...., but Anne in Norway say.... "Walk alone!! _ I wait here!!" :-)))

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I am fond of bridges of any size, love finding them in the middle of the forest across rivers, streams and brooks... not usually afraid of them unless they've been neglected, then I'm not going to chance using them!

Inland Empire Girl said...

I love the shots and love this meme. I have found it on a few more blogs today. I have many footbridges I will not cross. I have been over the bridge at Astoria and probably had to close my eyes also. You have a unique collection of bridges here. I hope your adjustment is okay this week. If our librarian left I would have to call him so many times. I hope I can remember how to do AR reading this week... and they keep me away from the laminator..I multitask too much and usually burn something. lol.

Kim said...

I have some I will not burn :-).
Actually, I was born with crossed eyes and had surgery at age 4 to correct the condition. They did a great job and no one could ever tell there was ever a problem, but I can. My depth perception is still not 100% what it should be. So, when crossing the type of footbridge in your photo, I have to fight with my logic a bodily sense of panic. My old hiking buddy used to crack up at me when we'd be bouldering along a stream. She'd look back and see me jumping boulder to boulder, and all of a sudden, I'd disappear. Face plant straight down on a rock. We laugh, but edges of cliffs, exterior elevators, amusement park rides. . .I always have to talk myself into them. You won't get me bungie jumping, but I think I'd cross a foot bridge as long as I didn't look down.

Katney, yesterday I looked up the route you will be taking on the walk and noticed that you will be passing along Green Lake and that there is a place for the community to stand along the route there to cheer you all on. They give a general window of several hours' time when walkers will be passing through there. Can you let me know your ETA for that part of the route. I'd like to find you and say hi, snap some photos, maybe walk alongside for a bit if that's allowed. Let me know.
Seattle Daily Photo

Gattina said...

It would make me kind of dizzy ! Last week we had a photo theme about bridges ! I suddenly saw bridges everywhere even in my mouth !

Nydia said...

I love bridges. I used to sit in the middle of one as a kid to see the water passing by down there. But with trepidting nes... I have to have a handrail to hold while I cross otherwise I stuck. Figurative bridges are another story. Only "that" last one I'm afraid of crossing...
I can't see you afraid of anything, Katney, so it's funny imagining you freaking out because of a bridge!

Liz said...

I'm pretty sure I couldn't do that first bridge. In my case it's Husband who jumps up and down to scare me!

I write about a bridge (sort of) I struggle to cross in a recent post about the lifeboat house at Mumbles. It's strange because it's an illogical fear. I know that but it doesn't help!!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I want and need to cross the bridge at Astoria, will have to plan a trip there sometime.