Saturday, February 16, 2008

So What is It?

So the question arose among those who have driven through rural areas and seen these "silver pots", and was asked of those who live in those rural areas and might be presumed to know--what are they?

Lots of answers arose. Some participants in the discussion could not picture the "silver pots on the posts", which made it difficult to speculate. I said, I've seen them, but don't remember where.

So I set out to find one and take a picture. I turned around at the first opportunity and came home and walked. It was all of 300 steps away down the road.

Here are the pictures. What is it? What is it for? If you post an answer in a comment, please tell us if it is a guess or from actual knowledge and experience.
This one is number 5.

What pressure? When and why do you remove the cover?
Padlock on pot and cables up the pole.

Well, if anyone should still be wondering, here is an explanation from Hawaii.


Paulie said...

How interesting. I have never seen one. How did you learn about them?

Katney said...

I've seen them and wondered what they were, but never remembered long enough to look them up when I got home. Someone asked at T-Net. After a lot of back and forth and both sane and silly guesses, I went out to find and photograph one. Then someone found that link. I could not replicate her search, so I posted it as she gave it.

david mcmahon said...

You sure had me intrigued!!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Katney,

I'll be posting an Odd Shots photo for your wonderful theme tomorrow. However, Monday morning here in Australia is still Sunday evening for you in the US!!

I've also created artwork for the ``Odd Shots'' slogan - so feel free to copy it and use it if you want.

Enjoy your weekend.

God bless


Katney said...

I know, David, we're always a day late and a dollar short around here. The workings of the International Date Line have always baffled me. I've lost half my birthday twice to it. Does that make me a year younger?

My oldest son was in Siberia when his sister got married. He had only been there a couple of weeks, so, smart as he is, he didn't have it down pat yet either. He called her to offer best wishes for her wedding, thinking he was talking to her the day before. Instead, he caught her as she was just heading out the door to the church.

Your artwork will be much welcomed. Can't wait to see it. My quick camera was that--quick, and definitely in need of some polishing.

Neva said...

I have never seen these before.....interesting.

Neva said...

ok I read the link....I had no idea....what a hoot.....I will see if I see any around here!

BumbleVee said...

you made me look....had to go read about ....