Monday, February 4, 2008

Random Visuals

Phone book hanging from pay phone. First of all, you don't see a lot of pay phones any more. Secondly, when you do--how often is there still a phone book present?

Shadow of what?

The Spires of St. Aloyisius Church--actually, only one of the spires--it can only be "The Spires" if you show both of them--or can it?

Flying snow--did you ever see flying snow?

We were watching the snow fly from across the street?
Know how there's always somebody who wants to get his mug into the picture.? I was taking a picture of our neighbor horse's nice winter coat, along with his constant companion. The robin dropped in to see what it was about.

Looking for a good snowy read?

Mysterious Message!

Hope he doesn't have any immediate travel plans!

I'm thinking of doing random visuals every Monday. You know, those odd shots that don't fit into a theme or category. They might include ordinary things from interesting angles, things that strike me funny, interesting combinations, and unusual occurrences. Anyone want to join me?


Paulie said...

Think I am prejudiced for the snow ones. Soooooo guess I like the uninvited Robin photo best! Yes, I want to join you in your Random Visuals. Will you start next Monday? Will you have a blogroll or mr Linky?

Katney said...

Since I don't know how to do either, I will just go with comments for now. If you have a random visual---should we call it that? Monday's Randomness? Odds and Ends?--I think I like Odds and Ends. If you fidn one, post it and add a comment that you have one, too.

I will come up with a logo if a few people join us.

Dragonstar said...

Sounds like fun, so maybe I'll join in - if I can get my act together. It could brighten my usually manic Mondays! Meanwhile, there's an award for you over at my blog.

Katney said...

So now there are three of us! I think I want to call it "Monday's Odd Shots". I will come up with a logo before next Monday.

barbara said...

Hello Katney,
This is my first visit; you have a delightful blog :)
I seem to be seeing snowy pictures in quite a few blogs. Which is beautiful, as I haven't seen snow in a few years.
I enjoy your photos of flowers & plants also.I'am unable to name "zilch", so I admire anyone who knows their plants !

Have a nice day.

Jessica said...

I would hate to be the one to shovel out that snow buried car... UGH! Great photos Katney!

Dragonstar said...

Katney, have you considered something alliterative, like Monday's Miscellany?

Katney said...

Although an alliterative title might be nice, I am leaning toward "Odd Shots" instead. The Random Visuals came from what I called the first time I just posted a bunch of "odd shots" a couple of weeks ago, but I like "Odd Shots". Do you?