Thursday, February 14, 2008


Peter included a very dramatic photo of a peacock in his ABC Wednesday post. What made it dramatic and a prize winner as well? Was it the lighting, which was pretty awesome? Was it the color?--hard to go wrong with colors with a peacock. Was it the composition? I think that all of those elements and probably others which I haven't thought of are part of it

It got me to thinking about how differently we see things, and how differently things look if we crop them differently.
Have you observed the face of a peacock? We are so busy being amazed at the plumage, that we don't notice the character of his face. What is he thinking about?

The brilliant blue of the body, if you are not looking at

that tail, is an visual experience in itself.

Each eye of the tail has perfect symmetry. An image of its own.

Shy eye! Hiding behind nearby greenery.

Catch a sequence of eyes--or another combination.

A double eye!

Here is the original whole, photographed in April of last year on the grounds of Maryhill Museum in south central Washington.


david mcmahon said...

Interesting post. They're great birds.

By the way, you scored all right on the quiz!!

And is Monday your preferred day for Odd Shots? Please let me know ...

Katney said...

I chose Monday as it spreads things out for me. You may post any day that is convenient if you like. I will come looking for your odd shots any day. ;)

RuneE said...

You got lots of good stuff from one bird!

Re: "Bridges between" - You are of course welcome! Mr. Linky is the same system that is used for Sky Watch Friday and ABC Wednesday. I hope to get it working. It will only be once a month, so it should be manageable ;-) As for being bilingual, that is for the Scandinavians who have started it - postings preferably both in English and in Scandinavian (for them). Of course, we will accept the odd word in other languages as well...mais oui?

I'll put you blog in with the others.

Peter M said...

Thanks for your comments on my post, yes they are spectacular creatures and exceptionally photogenic