Sunday, February 17, 2008

--Graveyard of Rusted Automobiles--

I have changed the title of this post, as Arlo Guthrie's song City of New Orleans kept running through my head as I drove into work this morning. (2/19/08)

I had thought of taking a picture here for Odd Shots, but Odd Shots rules force us to choose just one (Why did I make that rule?!?) How could I choose just one from this collection?
See, color-- not sepia tone.
As we returned from our snowshoe hike, I told Hubby that I wanted to stop and take pictures here. I was not the only one. As we approached, we found a lady who had parked and was wandering up and down the road with her camera. I wonder how many wanderers stop to capture something of this. Some day I will knock on the door and ask permission to wander through the yard for more pictures. Maybe. Depends on the dog.

Did that look like a flag behind the windshield to you, too? or perhaps reflected from somewhere? It's an illusion from the reflected tree and the window behind.

I don't think there is a hulk here that is younger than me.

And in respnse to David's question from a couple of weeks ago, yes, apparently my brother DOES read my blog. He sent me this. (Added 2/20/08)


Paulie said...

HAHA! I love it that you are having trouble with your own rule for just ONE photo. hehehehehe I can hardly wait to see which one you choose for Monday! Mine's up already.

I loved all these photo you took here. If I lived around there, I would be taking them also!

Katney said...

After ten of these the shots would not have been so odd, now, would they? LOL

I think we need the discipline sometimes of just one picture.

david mcmahon said...

Wonderful, that first shot is just brilliant.

One day, that was a new car for some proud owner ....


John-Michael said...

Such a treasure-trove of unborn tales, yarns, stories, and, perhaps, even a saga lurking in that repository of history’s bones.

Thank you for awakening my sense of the yet-unexplored and undiscovered.

(and my thanks to David McMahon for guiding me here)

solje said...

My favorite is the first one! Kevin's dad would love this car boneyard!

daryl e said...

I would feel as if I had died and gone to photo heaven if I came across this place .. what great subjects! What wonderful shots you got!

Kathryn said...

Wow! Great shots!
I found you at David's blog. :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

I am so glad to hear you couldn't narrow it down to one-- I wanted to play yesterday, but I had several pics of frozen spider webs and couldn't narrow it down. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flag illusion!!

david mcmahon said...

Ah, very nice change of post title - and I'm so glad to see what your brother sent you, too!

Ginni Dee said...

Wow, the history! And the stories they could all tell. Great shots!