Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blogging Families--Family Blogs

David asks a weekly question to answer in our own blog and link back to him in the comments. The question this week is "Does your family read your blog?"

The answer: yes, no, maybe?

I was introduced to blogging by one of my sons. (He is not very active on his personal blog lately, but his business blog is current.) Back in the days when he was a daily blogging bachelor, I happened to comment on a story he posted about some childhood adventures (if I recall the topic correctly). One of his blogging friends followed that comment with "How would you feel if your mother read your blog? Jeff knows."

My brother tells me he visits my blog. He has never commented. Jeff has visited my blog. He commented once. I don't think my other blogging son does. He can comment here if I am mistaken. The only other relatives I know of who blog are a couple of nieces (one an in-law and the other a step.) I visit theirs occasionally and I know they have been here to visit me.

So yes--some of them have read my blog. No, some of them don't know what a blog is. And maybe, just maybe, they come here more often than they demonstrate.


david mcmahon said...

You have brothers who read your blog? That's awesome.

I've got brothers, but they don't even know where to find my blog!!!

starnitesky said...

I don't think any of my family visit my blog, most of them wouldn't know what a blog was. I will write more on my own blog.

Thank you for visiting my blog it was good to hear from you.