Saturday, October 24, 2009

Coming home

All good things must come to an end.

We said good bye to the Coral Princess in Vancouver and boarded a bus for Seattle.

Our sojourn on Canadian soil consisted of a day sailing through the Straits of Georgia and ten minutes in the cruise terminal lined up to get on the bus. Once we had boarded the bus, a seal was put on the door and we headed out toward the border.

We had spent sixteen days in Alaska, which is celebrating its fiftieth year of statehood, and a short drive through British Columbia sealed in a bus. When we reached the border, once we waited through the long line of cars and busses,  there was only a quick passport check--no customs to be dealt with. After all, we had barely been out of the country.

We passed Mt. Baker, which we can see at a distance on hikes on Sourdough Ridge when it's clear.

Sourdough Ridge--somewhere at the left edge of this picture.

When we see Mt. Rainier looming big on the horizon, we know we are home.

I've posted 45 random pictures from the Alaska trip on 365 and 35 posts here with one to fifteen pictures each. It's not all the pictures.  Monday's Alaskan Odd Shot is already ready. We have been home more than a month. I need to get my camera busy and be back to My World on Tuesday.


imac said...

Big Ship, how many passengers?

Janie said...

All the photos were great and I'm sure you had great fun, but I'll bet you were glad to see your own beautiful mountains again.

Myredtie said...

I have enjoyed your pictures so much. Thank you for sharing them with your readers.

PERBS said...

Thanks for the traveling chair tour. . . its been great.