Thursday, October 22, 2009

Alaska Bits -- 26 -- How far south can you go and still be in Alaska?

The practical answer is Ketchikan. And the two most fascinating things about Ketchikan are totem poles and Creek Street.

...and rain. Ketchikan brags about being the rainiest city in the country. The rain held off for us as we wandered around town. Ketchikan sits on a very narrow shelf of land on Revillagigedo Island. You don't have to go very far to find that the next street is UP.

In Eagle Park, this modern totem sculpture dominates the scene and keeps the traditional style alive and current.

You can see behind the eagle, an interesting sign of the unique hillside characteristic of Ketchikan. There are three ways to get to the northern stretch of the town. The road goes around, another route through the tunnel, and a hillside staircase.

Creek Street was once the red light district. It gets its name because of--well--the creek. It is now home to funky shops and migrating salmon.


imac said...

Really enjoyed this trip, thanks my friend, shows me just what I am missing.

PERBS said...

Oh what wonderful photos -- I wish I had been able to visit there when I was touring Alaska. Such an interesting place!

Doreen said...

I love the shot of Creek Street. very cool. interesting post also! have a great weekend!!

Janie said...

Cool totems. This looks like a fascinating place.

Martha Z said...

One of the gems of Alaska. Second only to Sitka in my mind. You really caught the feeling of the town.

RuneE said...

They new how to decorate the place! :-)

The picture of the building by the creek reminded me of Lofoten in Norway - which is by the sea.

Tom said...

I love the carvings you show here today... I must make the time ton call back soon and look through past postings..
Wiggers World

Liz said...

Creek Street is very pretty. And I love the eagle.