Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alaska Bits--12--While in Fairbanks

The sculpture entitled "First Family" in Fairbanks purposely does not have clearly identifiable facial features. This is to avoid trying to second guess which of the many native groups might have been the first Alaskan residents.

Fairbanks has an easily walked downtown with some interesting buildings, a couple of museums and some well recommended restaurants. These two reflections struck me during our stroll.

On an excursion out of Fairbanks, we stopped to visit an above ground portion of the Alaska Oil Pipeline.

This map of the pipeline was made from a piece of the pipe material.

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PERBS said...

Great and interesting photos and information! I am enjoying your tour. . . I think I missed one post belwo so will go and comment there too.

BTW, I finally posted "your bench" on my blog for Friday with Rune's little unofficial meme. Drop by my bench blog. Hope I did it justice. If there is more info I should have written, let me know.