Friday, October 9, 2009

Alaska Bits -- 17 -- and another SkyWatch

Okay, keep up with my regular activites on the blog, or continue my Alaska Chronicles. How about both?

When we went for a short after dinner hike on the trails around the McKinley Princess Lodge, this was the kind of sky we saw. This should be a view of Denali. Ah, well. We had seen Denali, so let's see what else there is around here.

Evidence of Autumn!

All the way down to the river, all the way to the mountains.
What's that under the bridge?

Someone taking off on a rafting adventure.

We had an adventure of our own in the morning before boarding our coach for the ride to Anchorage. Some of us did, anyway.
Smiling again.

Is that Dueling Cameras?

Skies were even drearier than the day before. Wet. Hey, we were in Alaska after all!!

So, our bit of sky south of Denali,
a short hike,
a ride.
And we are off again.

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PERBS said...

Who would have thought horseback riding was going to be part of your cruise trip!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great photos! Nice to visiting your blog!

Precious said...

Love the mountains in the background - the 1st photo. Amazing!

Squirrel said...

Those first few photos were really nice. They have a lot of depth to them that I like. Have a nice weekend.

Martha Z said...

Nice shots even if it was a dreary day. Glad they gave you time to "do your own thing". Don't think Jules would go for horse back riding but I would.

Bill S. said...

Beautiful photos of the great outdoors. It is amazing what you see when you leave the couch. Thanks.

Janie said...

You guys are looking good on horseback! Beautiful photos of the scenery.