Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alaska Bits --16 -- River Float

Vacation tours are not just sights, but a chance for adventure. Controlled adventure. We took a float trip on the Nenana River for an exciting excursion. Since it was nearing the end of the season, the groups were small. One group went off for a trip on the rapids. There were ten of us for the calmer trip, so we were divided into two parties. (They always go out with two rafts.) The result was that we had a private raft trip.

Suited up and ready to go. When we have gone on other rafting trips, we were not provided with "dry suits" Here we were guaranteed that we would stay warm.
Getting ready to go.

And Joanne was expecting an enjoyable experience!

Autumn was definitely in evidence.

My brother's smile--he may be glad we talked him into this one. 
Hmmm. Wonder what my hubby is thinking.
The rowing was done for us--all we had to do was to hold on and enjoy.
Is that luxury again?

Our guide, Justin, had big plans for what he would be doing after his season in Alaska was over. Guiding in West Virginia with his mother, a river run in Idaho with friends, and then a trip to Thailand. No moss growing on this young man.

Justin was determined to give us a few good rapids. In fact, he was determined to get us wet. Nah! Not going to happen in these dry suits.

That was nothing.




Kerrie said...

How cool is that!! You are something else. Do you ever actually sleep? Ha! Love it, Kerrie

Janie said...

Oops, I hope your camera didn't get wet. Looks like a cool rafting trip.