Monday, March 2, 2009

Ewe 2

My friend Dave has nine ewes. As of today he also has nine (or ten) lambs.
These guys are part of the extended family--half brothers. But in the next pen were one ewe's quadruplets. I couldn't get a shot of them because they mostly huddled in the corner by a heat lamp.
This young ewe was an orphan from last year. Dave raised her on a bottle. When it was time to sell the lambs, he couldn't bring himself to sell her.

Four of the ewes have not yet lambed. He's sure at least two of them have twins. He's not hoping for another set of quads.
I'm planning to print some of these up and frame them for Dave as a thank ewe for letting me visit his ewes and their little ones.

Twofer Tuesday at Jonna's
Notice that not only are there sets of two pictures as stipulated in Jonna's Twofer guidelines,
but the last three pictures are pictures of two ewes.


Jan said...

These shots are wonderful. I'm sure Dave will love one ore two framed.

Daryl said...

Oh these are so wonderful Kat, really

Liz said...

Aw, how lovely! THose lambs look big! Are they newly-born? I don't envy the mum having 4 of that sort of size!

Janie said...

I had no idea sheep could have 4 lambs at once. That must be a lot for mom to take care of. I guess some of them have to be bottle fed. Great photos of all of them.

diXymiss said...


PERBS said...

I like them from a distance -- photos are even better so thanks for sharing!