Monday, March 9, 2009

Do you watch the Amazing Race?

Last night the contestants had to travel to Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. When I saw that, I had to rush to the recorder since my hubby wasn't home. You see, eleven years ago this summer, we also made that trip. (We didn't start from Transylvania as the A-R contestants did, though, we left from Seattle.)

The plan was to attend the wedding of our son that June. Some details that had to be taken care of first caused the wedding to be postponed till the fall. But we already had our tickets and there was still some hope of the wedding happening on schedule.

This tower of this tiny chapel overlooks the city from one side of the valley. It is a nice hike up from the city to this viewpoint.
...which looks down over the city of around a million people.

This view looks over the city from the opposite hills, where we went when we hiked to the rock climbing areas of the Stolby National Park.

Just as the city is more or less halfway between these two hills, if you have a large map of Russia like the one we got--which was in two halves, Krasnoyarsk sits at the east edge of the western half and the west edge of the eastern half. It lies on the Yenesei River, which flows from Lake Baikal to the Arctic Sea.
Many city dwellers, living in huge apartment buildings, have garden plots near the river bank.
Last night's contestants visited this hydroelectric dam. So did we.
This memorial remembers the builders of the dam, who lived in tents during the construction.
Free market was seen with folks selling produce from their gardens along the sidewalk. A genuine sidewalk sale? True farmers market?
Babushka means grandmother. I am Babushka. These babushkas appear to be discussing the day's best vegetable buys.
People have this preconception of Siberia, based on history and the severity of the winters. This idea of Siberia is held by Russians in Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as those of us outside Russia. When we were in European Russia, we were asked in amazement: "You went where?" and "Why in the world are you going to Siberia?"
The people are friendly and hospitable. It is a good place to visit--in the summertime--especially if you have family and friends there..


Luke Wiley said...

Yes, I watched the amazing race. It's been really good so far this season.

Janie said...

I haven't seen the race, but it must be fun to relive your adventures through it.
Siberia looks like a great place to visit in the summer, for sure.

Dina said...

What an adventure you had!

Mama Zen said...

That sounds like an amazing trip!

Cindy said...

We watch the Amazing Race....thanks for the extra pics of this Siberian city. What a unique place to visit.

PERBS said...

Oh! I especially like that memorial for thd dam builders. . . it is just perfect!

I am catching up for the week I missed and will leave comments below. I haven't been to your Yakima one for awhile and should check it out again -- especially if you have a bench!!!!!! Ü

ABW said...

I love the Amazing Race and what a great opportunity for y'all! I loved seeing the pictures especially after watching the show last Sunday.