Thursday, July 3, 2008


We had a thunderstorm while camping on Sunday night. We were just finishing the s'mores when we heard faint rumblings in the distance. "I think I hear thunder" said one. We talked of the angels bowling.
Getting a bit louder and the rain came pelting down. All rushed for shelter, and later, when some of the shelter failed to keep out the rain some went for the car. G kept the campfire going through it late. Not sure why as we were all well ensconced in tents and trailer. Maybe he thought it would be over soon and that there was promise of more marshmallows.
For three hours it raged. Flash--count one two three...nine--boomboomboom. Nine miles? But I was told last night that you divide by two. 4½ miles, then?

I am glad I didn't know that you divide by two when some came Flash--count onetwo--boomboombooooooomboom!
Yikes! I just found out you divide by FIVE.


Paulie said...

We had thunder and lightning show here too. I was home tucked in bed and watching it from my 8th floor window.

Dragonstar said...

You count 4 to the mile! Just about overhead for you - scary!

Rosebud said...

You were in the heart of the storm. Good thing for you that you didn't know it! There's nothing like a good thunderstorm. We don't get much thunder and lightening here in the Pacific Northwest.
I live about an hour drive from Rainier. I love that bridge over Carbon River! I've injured my self and can't walk much at a time, but before summer is over, I'm determined to get up to the footbridge that's over the waterfall, just down from that bridge. It is so beautiful there!