Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Little Guy Trailer Tour

A while back I promised you a tour of our Little Guy Trailer. I think I showed you this picture of the trailer when we brought it home. You notice that we pull it with our PT Cruiser. That shows how light it is, as the Cruiser is a 4-cylinder car--not a monster machine. This is not the smallest model of the Little Guy. They have two that can be towed by a motorcycle--one that is only for storage, and the other that you can sleep in.
We wanted to make our Little Guy our own, so I painted this image of our favorite place to take it on the hatch...
...based on this photo I took last November when we hiked the Naches Loop Trail at the top of Chinook Pass.
I put this flannel quilt over our sleeping bags, but it was way warmer than necessary. We put hooks in to hang the lanterns, as we both read in bed. (There are lights in the trailer if you are hooked up to the car electric, but we generally unhook the power when we get set up at camp.)
We keep the flashlights handy on the cupboard doors. There are two cupboard doors in the bedroom, and our feet fit... ...under the kitchen counter, which you can see here under the hatch. We added the paper towel rack, and the drawers and some other equipment have a velcro dot to hold them in place while we travel. There is storage space under the counter as well where we keep a folding table and a few other things. We set up the folding table for our camp stove. Inside for a nap, here is a peek out the roof vent.
Don't they just look right for each other? You can see the table with the camp stove just behind the trailer. That is where it fit best at this campsite. Usually we set it up in an L pattern. None of these pictures shows the storage rack on the front of the trailer where we keep a container with our camping supplies, but you could haul your bicycles there. A Little Guy is not for everyone, but it is just right for us. We don't have to pitch and unpitch the tent, blow up the mattress--everything is ready to just pack up the groceries, hook up and go.
"Why pay more when you can have less?"


CrazyCath said...

Oooh my hubby would love this! We had a motor home (a small one) but it got too expensive to maintain (in comparison to its use) and was cumbersome to use from A to B (although not much bigger than a transit van). We did have some great holidays in it but when they became less frequent - it became too high maintenance.
Now hubby has a little van for fishing trips. But he would love this little guy.

Parking and hooking up, having a cuppa ready within ten minutes of arriving are sweet memories. Door open, watching the world go by. Sit back and relax.
Thanks for the memories Katney.


i'm looking forward to the days when it will be just me and my husband and hopefully we can fit into one of these and go off wherever.

Jonna said...

how cute. I would love to travel around in something like that. Not sure I could fit comfortably with my 3 dogs, but I would be willing to try.

Paulie said...

Looks perfect for you two! Enjoy it!

Cheryl said...

I LOVE your little camper! We had a 1977 VW camper years ago and we went all over the western US with it! In fact, I haven't been back to Yellowstone since.