Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ABC Wednesday-X

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X is for Xquisite views that Xalt the Creator, Xhilerate the spirit, and provide for Xtraordinary adventures.

(And I know I can't spell.)
I am taking the opportunity to share some Mt. Rainier National Park photos that I have not used for other letters in the alphabet. They come from all corners of the park, and range from the tiny to vast views, and they are in no particular order.
A view from the Naches Loop Trail.

Winter view? Actually this was taken May 6, 2007, when the park reopened six months after the floods and slides. The ski patrol had already been out to begin marking the trail.

Logs play host to tiny fungus. I find this piece to be intriguing.

A meadow view--"shaggy heads" predominant. These are the seed heads of the anenome or pasqueflower. (An early bloom was in last week's W with water droplets on it.)

A view south from Sourdough Ridge across the White river Valley to Governor's Ridge.

Snowshoe adventure--Xciting!

Suspension bridge over the Carbon River. Access to the trailheads and campsites in the northwest corner of the park is now by foot or bicycle, as the road was washed out by the floods. (Okay, Katney, go ahead, Xhale, inhale, Xhale--just breathe! It's perfectly safe.)

An Xquisite find--a trillium. It is a protected species, and we saw several during one hike last month.

An autumn view from the Frying Pan Creek trail.

There's a fungus amongus! I am always amazed at the Xtensive variety of fungus to be seen.

Governor's Ridge again, this time from the Owyhigh Lakes Trail.

Who goes there? Won't know till he X-its.

Marmot Xpresses attitude!

Looking down into Berkeley Park. (A park is an open area, usually in a valley, often containing meadows.)

The snout of the Carbon Glacier. The Emmons Glacier, which is seen from the Sunrise area, is the most Xpansive in surface area, but the Carbon Glacier in the northwest of the park is larger in volume because of its depth.

Flowers in the high tundra can be Xtremely tenacious.

A fall Xcursion to Owyhigh Lakes from the south.

Xquisite detail

You may find me Xcentrically obsessed with this mountain and its surrounds. You may be Xhausted with my wanderings there. Do pardon me if I waX Xtatic with its majesty, with the intricacy of the details of its multiple ecosystems, with the Xtremes it can present.
We had another Xtreme as we camped on Sunday evening. A thunderstorm raged around us for three hours straight. Though thunderstorms are not uncommon in the mountains, three hours was Xtremely rare. More Xcitement than I needed.
If you visit the Pacific Northwest, let me know, I'd love to take you hiking. (We'll choose a day without thunder.)


Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

X-quisite photos, every one! You live in a place of magnificent beauty! Wonderful post!

Juliana RW said...

gorgeous landscape
Mine in here at My Imaginary site. Thanks

picturing said...

beautiful x shots

Visit me in here Thanks

esnorway said...

nice x good shoots

Paulie said...

and I got 'XTRA lucky to get to go snowshoeing with you there last winter!

Nice to see more photos of YOUR mountain but you really cheated on X!

diXymiss said...

An eXpert eXhibit of X in piX, if I do say so myself (and I fancy myself something of an eXpert)! ;-)

CrazyCath said...

Xcellent post with very good Xs. Beautiful shots and very clever use of words! Well done. Love it. (Love the National Park too and your observant tendencies - thank you.)

Anonymous said...

I surrender... !

babooshka said...

Xtremely well done. No wonder you are xhauseted after that lot.

Liz said...

No, you can't spell but who cares?

That's fungi?!

A marmot, wow!

Fantastic views.

You wouldn't get me on that bridge!!!!!

Deslilas said...

Very fine place !
You're lucky to live there.

Denise said...

Such a beautiful part of the world you live in!I love sharing your adventures.

me ann my camera said...

Great mountain scenery with xtravagant beauty!

Texas Travelers said...

Loved all the photos. The last time we were there it was under a lot of snow.

Thanks for sharing all of these.

Come visit,
Troy and Martha

Kelly said...

Loved all your photos, especially the fungus, the trillium and the cave!

ExpatKat said...

Beautiful pics, Katney.
Come check out my X!

AphotoAday said...

Xtremely nice to see those shots of Mt. Rainier...   My parents were from Washington State, so I've visited that area several times -- it's such a beautiful mountain...   Thanks for the memories.

Daryl said...

Xquisite indeed!


Judi S said...

Beautiful photos. I esp. like the fungus ones and the texture on that log.

Miss_Yves said...

lots of x !
E-x-cellent photos !
miss Yves

reader Wil said...

Stunning photos! Though you would never see me on that suspension bridge!

becky voyles said...

This was a really cute x post! I enjoyed your x words. Sort of reminded me of my typical ABC posts.

John said...

Wow, great shots and choices for the letter X!
Well done, Katney!

Louis la Vache said...

No one is grading you on spelling, especially when you used it to such eXcellent effect to make your point!

The filling station with those old gas pumps is at Boulevard Way and Olympic on the west side of Walnut Creek. It is almost in Lafayette. If you are on your way to Rossmoor, you will pass this station. It is on the southwest corner of the Olympic/Boulevard Way intersection.

"Louis" is buried deeper than his cowbell in a work project for the next several weeks. He will stop and visit, but may not stay long enough to 'sign the guest registry'.

Bear Naked said...

eXcellent photos, and what an eXquisite place .

kml said...

You get the prize for the most X's! Enjoyed your post and pics!

Jonna said...

very nice choices for matching x to photos!

Miss_Yves said...

Lots of X , plenty of humour !
X-quisite views and shots, indeed !
Miss Yves

Nydia said...

Your creatvie X photos are perfect! Nature is something I will never get enough... from tiny details to vast landscapes, there's always beauty to see. Thanks for the Xtraordinary post!
XXX from Nydia.

leslie said...

Heck! I'd waX Xstatic, too, if I lived in an area like that! Good job.