Saturday, July 12, 2008

Photo Hunt--Theme: Support

Thank you TnChick for more than two
years of Saturday Photo Hunt

This is my Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk hat from last year's walk. I will wear it again this September when I again walk 60 miles to support Breast Cancer Research. It bears the names of those in support of and in memory of whom I walk. When I walked last year there were 75 names--74 women and one man. They are relatives, friends, and names given me by others. Before I walk again this September, I have additional names to add.
I have created a collage of photos representing some of the support we received while walking 60 miles last September.
(The picture should enlarge if you click on it.)
Clockwise from the upper left corner: 1. One of the "Sweep Vans" which assisted walkers who were having difficulty during the walk. This one "swept" me to the next "pit stop" when I injured my knee. I was not able to complete that day's mileage, but continued the next two days and completed 56 of the 60 miles. 2. A personal note of memory in a garden along the route. 3. I call these ladies our princess supporters. They cheered and handed out candy along the way each day. 4. Pink truck reminder. 5. Canine support. 6. Medical support was present in the form of first aid stations at each pit stop and a fully staffed medical tent at camp. The most common medical problems were blisters. 7. Business support in the form of pink balloons at a car dealership. 8. This lady met us along the way playing the drums. She moved to sites further along the route as the day went on. During the weekend, her grandson joined her.

In the center, of course, the support of good walking shoes was crucial.
In the final celebration, shoes were raised in support of the Breast Cancer Survivors who walked.

Here I want to thank those who supported me last year, and those who have already supported my 2008 walk. Some of them read this blog. With many contributions of five, ten and twenty dollars, and some that were larger, I made my goal of raising $2200. Without the support of many, I could not have done it. And without support, I can't do it again this year.


Denise said...

What a fantastic choice Katney!
Well Done that woman!

tanabata said...

The best kind of support! :)

Aileni said...

Excellent choice.

Blue said...

What an excellent personal choice!
Well done for supporting this cause too.

JC said...

Very well done! Best wishes.

Carver said...

Great take on the theme. Happy weekend.

Andrea said...

Wonderful post. My mother survived breast cancer. A year later she lost her life to a massive stroke.

Our youngest daughter at the age of 24 found out she had a cancerous brain tumor. She went through surgery and radiation with the goal to shrink the 20% they could not get. They said there was no way the radiation could get it all. After the radiation she still had the tumor but later God saw fit to heal her body. Even her radiation oncologist gave God the credit for healing her. She is 26 now and living a normal, healthy life.

Cancer is a scary thing but God is still in the healing business.

j.c. montgomery said...

I was diagnosed in April 2000 with Stage III breast cancer, and am still here. LOL - obviously.

Thank you so much for doing this. Support such as this is invaluable. Take it from one who knows.

Daryl said...

A super example!


Dragonstar said...

Now that's support! Excellent Katney.

sexy momma said...

wow! a superb support indeed! ;-)

Sanni said...

Excellent choices for support!

Happy hunting!


philos said...

What a meaningful choice... I will pray for this endeavor.. God bless you! :)

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Wonderful post for this week!
Best wishes for a great walk this year!

Baker Watson said...

First let me thank you for your support on this important issue.

I liked the use of the collage to demonstrate the support the cause receives from so many sources and how vital that support is.

Good presentation for the theme.

leslie said...

Wow! The BEST kind of support EVER! My sister is a breast cancer survivor (so far) and last year we saw all the walkers in Stanley Park. We honked our support and waved madly as we slowly drove by. I wish my back were in a better condition so I could walk for breast cancer AND for Alzheimers (of which my mother died).

KylieM said...

Absolutely awesome photo of Support for PhotoHunt! I love it! My aunt is a survivor of breast-cancer, so it means so much when I see people that put so much into it.

I am a little late this week as I was in Adelaide, but I now have the last two weeks up.