Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mt. Adams

Saturday evening on our way down from Sunrise at Mt. Rainier, I snapped this shot of Mt. Adams far to the south. You can see it about 3/4 way across the horizon. You've seen other pictures of this mountain here--including the one through the airplane window on my Odd Shot last week and some from my front yard before the hops went in.

This morning I walked to church and took this view of Mt. Adams from downtown. If you eliminate the banks, the cars, the utility poles and wires and let the trees go back to a century ago, you can see how the community got its name.
A number of wildfires have sprung up across the state over the last few days. It's nothing to rival California--yet--but fire season is definitely under way. The evening news reporter told of multiple phone calls asking if Mt. Adams was erupting. I hadn't been outside for a while, so I went out to have a look. I went down the road a bit to get this picture without hop poles. From a different angle--perhaps even from the direction of the first photo here, you can see that it might look that way.

You don't see it here but the sun was a red circle in the middle of the cloud of smoke from a 500 acre fire in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. There are fires west of Tri-Cities as well, in Spokane County, in the far northeast part of the state (Inland Empire Girl wrote about them here), and in the Wenatchee area.


Your EG Tour Guide said...

How awful the the so much is going up in smoke!

diXymiss said...

Yikes! I hope they get that dangerous blaze under control soon.

ThanX for stopping by via photohunt, Katney. The mural I posted (Bridge of the Gods) is on the Cascade Locks, Oregon side of the river. My piX only shows a portion of it. The mural in it's entirety is very impressive ~ as is the Klickitat folklore and pioneer history. Worth a visit, if you get the chance!

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" has his Odd Shots Monday post up. :-)

CrazyCath said...

Wow. Beautiful and scary all at once.
I hope that you don't get too many fires. Apart from the (obvious) danger and damaging smoke, it destroys so much natural beauty.
Take care.

Paulie said...

I got a photo of that late afternoon yesterday too but I was too tired last night and it is odd shot Monday today so I don't have it up.