Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Near of it today

Foggy, cloudy, rainy weather at Mt. Rainier takes your attention from the mountain (you can't see it, after all) and forces it on those things which are near at hand. For some people, this is especially true. Some can be so overwhelmed by the majesty of the mountain on a sunny day that they don't notice.
This first is unknown to me. Any ideas? I will spend some time with a guidebook tomorrow.

Because it was fog more than rain, the droplets on the lupine leaves are tiny.

Meadow Parsley

Mountain Dandelion

Scarlet Paintbrush

Sitka Valerian

Alpine Aster
Mountain Daisy
Cascade Aster (I may have these last two mixed up.)
American Bistort


diXymiss said...

Beautiful shots, Katney! Those mist-shrouded peaks and vibrant wildflowers are all so lovely. I'm ready to go for a hike! Some of these varieties are new to me ~ thanX for the lesson.

Paulie said...

I used to try to identify flowers and weeds -- went to the library and checked out several books but never got far besides looking at pictures. I envy your knowledge of them -- of course you do it as a natural thing!