Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another Day...

...another bear.

That's him (or her) up there behind that tree. We arrived at this meadow a bit late in his ramble and would likely have missed him if other hikers hadn't been there to point out where he had gone.

Yesterday, the young black one we had seen before was seen by some other visitors and volunteers. At least, we assume it was him by the description.

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Paulie said...

More bears and you want me to go off camping with you? Got your message and didn't publish it.

I re-sent the last letter to you. I heard from you only once. If I can find your phone, maybe I should call you again. I don't understand why you don't receive my email like everyone else does. . . I would talk to your service provider. No one else considers my email spam. lol If I need to know something else besides more bears. . . write me a comment. I am not going to blog this week. I might read blogs but am not blogging.

Anonymous said...

Bearly visible.