Friday, August 15, 2008


First posted on Friday and then the green and blue parts added on Saturday since I had to think before I could do them and sometimes that's hard.
You know something? If someone gives you an award, then you probably should remember who it was so you can say thank you. But then, I've been on four different excursions in the last ten days and it's hard to keep up. So you can imagine how crazy I was when, searching back for an award that I was told would come on Tuesday and then not finding it on Tuesday that I was so glad that when I went back a whole 'nuther Tuesday I found it--right there where I was looking for it. Whew! I was afraid I was going to have to go search every blog I'd ever seen from the UK as I remembered it came from a friend in that part of the world and I DID have the right friend after all.

So thank you Crazy Cath for the friendship which I value greatly, from Krazy Katney whose brain must be old today because great things come in multiples and someone else posted me an award and now I have to remember when and where that one was from. If retirement is like this summer has been then it will have to be called reTIREment.
Crazy Cath left no instructions for passing this along, so I will wait until I find the other one and contemplate them both together.
Okay, I have come back now after sleeping on it (well, for how many days? you may ask.) and I am ready to fling some bling. (You didn't knwo I could talk like that, did you?) I'm going to pass this on to three bloggers. I'm not flinging it back at Crazy Cath because that is obvious, but I am going to name three bloggers I think of as friends. Two in the Pacific Northwest and one in the UK.
I know Paulie is a friend because we have a lot in common and actually get together occasionally--well, twice in the last four years but we are going camping next week. We have some similarities in our faith and experiences. Paulie likes to walk and hike and is learning to knit. I like to walk and hike and if I don't learn to knit something other than hats with big fat yarn, well...everyone I know has a hat knit with big fat yarn--even Paulie. She's taking a blogging break for a bit, but I'm sure shell stop by and say "Hi, friend."
I feel like I know Inland Empire Girl, who also lives in the Pacific Northwest. I thought of her when we spent a day with the kids at the lake last week because it is closer to her neck of the woods. Speaking of woods, she's almost as fond of them as I am, but her camping trailer is bigger than mine--lol. I'd love to meet you in person sometime, IEG. Maybe we should go camping. BTW, let me know if you come to Mt. Rainier and I will meet you there.
Now I'm not likely to meet up with Liz real soon as my travel budget is questionable after retiring, but I would love to. I did travel to her neck of the woods once (which is Wales), more than 40 years ago. Oooh, I think I am sounding old. There is a fourth friend to bestow this on, too. George. If you stop by Liz's blog you will meet George. I would love to meet George and give him some wise advice.
I feel like I have made a lot of friends since blogging, but I will mention just these three for now--er, oops, four.
I found it!
Thank heavens I found it. I was about to appeal to St. Anthony and I try not to bother him unless it is really important but it was. It was Starnitesky who gave me this award and it was just on Wednesday. The day before yesterday! Clearly my brain has retired. I hope it enjoys itself.

Ah, duh! She gave me this brilliante award right after I took her off the Odd Shots blogroll. Maybe if she had noticed that she would have reconsidered. But she hasn't done an Odd Shot for a couple of weeks and she can be back when she participates again and she's in my favorites and that means she's one of my--er--favorites. (Thanks, Starnitesky.)


This one has rules: 1.Put the logo on your blog;
2.Add a link to the person who awarded it to you;
3.Nominate at least five other blogs;
4.Add links to them on your blog;
5.Leave a message for your nominee on their blogs.

I have done the first two. I will let that brain refresh itself before I do nominees 'cause you know how well I could bungle that up while my brain is retired, Right! So I will deal with these tomorrow, okay?

Okay, it's tomorrow now. I have made a list of five. I have thought about it and contemplated and I would say that these five (and lots of others I visit) deserve this brilliante thing.

Michelle--Rocky Mountain Retreat--well, just look at that blog and you'll know why and it doesn't hurt that it has lots of mountains.

Leslie--The Pedalogue--Leslie seems to be really enjoying her retirement and I want to imitate that! Best of everything for your upcoming surgery, Les, because afterwards you will enjoy it even more. But I won't come play tennis with you--I tried that once.

Liz again at Finding Life Hard (can you do two to the same person at the same time is there some sort of blog law about that? If there is then phhhhht!)

Granny Smith at, well, Granny Smith, who should probably be in the earlier bling fling because she believes that blog friends are real not virtual. (Some might be virtuOUS, though, but I'm not sure.)

Then finally and always, Daryl at Out and about in NYC who says it like she sees it and is a fun and faithful blogger. (Hey, Daryl, we want more stories of Bridzilla.)

There, I've done my duty.


starnitesky said...

HI Katney - I am so glad you found the award, I hadn't noticed you had taken me off the Odd Shot blogroll, I don't always post an entry as I don't always see odd shots. I am not too bothered whether you include me on the blogroll or not I will post when I see something odd if that's OK. I gave you the award as I always enjoy reading your blog and love to see all the places you visit.

Enjoy your weekend.

Daryl said...

Thank you for this honor .. and I promise to post it and fulfill the obligation of passing it along ...


leslie said...

Gee thx Kat - Josie told me about this so since I'm babysitting the baby tonight I'm borrowing my daughter's computer. Mine is out of commission til Monday. I'll add the honour to my sidebar then.

Paulie said...

Thanks for the award -- I will get it up after our camping trip. I think I have 5 others to get up also. One day . . .

Liz said...

Thank you so much! What lovely awards. George says woof woof. I wish you could give him some good advice too as he doesn't listen to mine!

You've reminded me that someone else gave me an award recently too but, like yours, my brain is struggling to remember who it was!

Inland Empire Girl said...

Thank you so much for the award. I do hope our paths do cross some time. Yes, I believe you were at the same White House Restaurant in Post Falls also!