Saturday, August 16, 2008

My award collection.

Rocky Mountain Girl Michele sent this hug to blog friends and I am keeping it here.
The rest of this is awards I have received while I have been blogging. I set out to put them in order received, but oddly, they kind of arranged themselves as they chose.

This first came from Paulie.

Then I got this Nice Matters one from Dragonstar.

CrazyCath and Mrs. Nesbitt both awarded me the Excellent Blog...

and AnnBerit thought I had purpose.
Mother of this Lot Jackie said I cheered her up.

and Lillie and Hootin' Annie both gave me another Made My Day.
Mother of this Lot assured me that I was a blogger friend.
and Inland Empire Girl presented the Premio Arte Brilliante.

I was delighted to be consider a maven by Mrs. Nesbitt.

More about friendship from CrazyCath.

from Starnitesky

...and this one from Nydia.
Now this is the declaration I made about blog awards:
Stop, I say. Stop! I'm not going to divest myself of my oscars here, but I am beginning to find awards a little tedious. All that passing them on and your best blog friends are going to get a little annoyed with you and do you have 7½ friends left after saddling them witht he award requirements. So, though these will sit right here on my sidebar, I will not participate in the passing on of any more. In fact, I haven't passed on some of these. I am sure the blogworld will survive.


PERBS said...

I haven't posted a one on my new blog and I must have 15 or more to post. I was thinking of making a separate blog for them. I did not like the requirement of passing on to a certain number either. I did give you your first one but it was for a reason that was personal, not just because I had to pass it on.

The two awards I like best are the two I made just for those two people. No passing on or anything.

Leonard said...

Hey ! I really like your blog. It's funny and personal. If you want to, check out mine at , and read my "One Family" story, make a comment and/or an entry in my guestbook! I'd really appreciate it.

Cath said...

Well said Katney. I love my awards, but I do get bogged down and stressed with the "requirements" of them and remembering to say thanks...

So whilst I don't want to seem ungrateful (because I would be terribly hurt if no one thought I was worth an award) at the same time, I am taking a leaf out of others' books and have now put them all up together in miniature!
Dedicating a blog to them is another wonderful idea. Well done. If we get another spate of them then I might pinch this idea of a dedicated blog... (if you don't mind).

We seem to go in circles and have blights of many award posts, then none for months.

Bit like a no. 7 bus really...